Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Willful

Did you see my quick swatches at the counter of the new Tom Ford Lip Color Shines?  I bought Willful that day, a warm red, and that is what I am featuring today.
 There are a lot of sheer balmy lipsticks in the beauty market, both luxury and drugstore.  You probably have a bunch of them in your collection, as do I.  What makes this one special?  Let's check it out together.
stumpy looking regular Tom Ford lipstick on the left; Tom Ford Lip Shines on right

The case is sleek and very Tom Ford looking.  It is distinguishable from the regular lipsticks by its taller and more slender case.  The ten color offering looks very pretty, but I figured I might as well get my bang for my buck by choosing one of the more richly pigmented shades.

The SA at the counter advised me that the bullet is pretty soft and to not to extend the bullet too far and not to press too hard as it may smush or break.  The pigmentation on Willful is fair and the color is a lovely warm shiny red.  The red is not particularly unique, but a very pretty one nonetheless.  The swatch below is one swipe of the bullet.  The formula is indeed sheer, but a level of pigmentation that is pretty strong, but the translucency is clearly there.  Can you see that there are small bit of unblended blobs of lipsticks in the swatch.  I think it's because it's not creamy the way some other sheer lipstick formulas are.  Rub well into your lips and that should be no problem.

Here are a few more pictures of the color layered again more heavily.

The layered swatch still remains translucent which really makes this a very easy wearing red.  It imparts a very pretty shine on the lips.  But like all very sheer formulas, and this one being not very creamy, doesn't last tenaciously in terms of wear.  Forgot to mention there is a light vanilla scent, similar to the regular lipsticks, but less strong.

I mean, it's pretty and all and it IS Tom Ford.  Feels nice but doesn't have any lush moisturizing properties in my experience.  The color is quite lovely, but not really unique.  Are you guys feeling it?  I am not feeling inclined to pick up any more, since I have other sheer/balm-type lipsticks I prefer.

Oh!  Come check me out on Twitter, too.  I posted a picture of me wearing Willful today.

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