Tom Ford Lip Color Shines -- Super Quick Swatches

Tom Ford released a brand new lipstick range for this Spring.  I thought I'd take a stroll to Bergdorf Goodman during lunch and check it out.  The lipsticks are sheer, though some shades have a good amount of pigment than others.  Some are shimmery and others without any shimmers.  One, Ravenous left a distinct cool-pink stain on my hand.  Finish is shiny and very pretty.  These are cellphone pictures, so quality is even worse than normal.

All swatches in the order shown in the display:
top row: Insidious, Quiver, Smitten, Frolic, Willful
bottom row: Bare, Chastity, Nubile, Abandon, Ravenous
Indoor counter lighting
Outside cloudy day.  IT WAS COLD!
One more
I've purchased the sheer warm red Willful.  A detailed review when I don't feel so lazy.  :)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Matsukasa 03