All My Children - I Mean All My Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadows Depotted

First of all, and most importantly of all, my favorite depot tutorial is by Bernadette of Diabolus in Cosmetica blog.  Before her clear instructions, I used a flat iron and you will see some carnage based on that in some of the pictures.  The nice ones were via her flaaaammmmme method.  ('scuse me, am feeling slightly fiiiiine today from the plastic fumes).

Try to keep these things out of the house when you attempt it.  They scream and want to be fed.  You can not be distracted with an open flame.  (Oh, that's me on Twitter on my laptop screen.  Follow me!)  And ventilation is good.  The raging plastic fume headache post depot session is a downer.

Flame, stuff to depot, some point metal object, a pair of plier (to handle hot pans) and paper towels.  You're good to go.  Flat iron and rushing...  Look at my beautiful Gracious Arasari!
Heat flame and poke from the back.
Carnage below!

You'll see some messed up pans with all sorts of dings.  That's from impatient flat ironing and rough handling.  Basically, idiot Belly error.  All my recent depots have been POIFECKT!

Does the inconsistent pan size also make anyone else a little grumpy?

I plan on a swatching session to show you all of these in a bit more detail at some point.  Uh, when I'm done with my Tom Ford Festival or, when I get to it.  Which could be... sometime...later.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush