Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Kaska Beige

Kaska Beige is a now discontinued eye shadow quad  from the Spring 2010 Chanel release.  It didn't catch my eye then, but when it mysteriously appeared on the Saks website recently (along with a slew of impossible-to-find items), I jumped on it.  I hadn't purchased a Chanel quad in a long time, preferring the quality of the singles (among my favorites Fauve and Taupe Gris).  

Um, should have dusted a bit, no?
Why do I want another neutral eye shadow palette?  Well, did I mention impossible to find and discontinued?  I often have pangs of regret about purchases like this; I must have passed on it for some reason.  Uh, right?!

In the case of Chanel, I never really liked the quad palettes.  The color combinations, the pigmentation and the quality didn't compel me to purchase.

But did I mention impossible to find?

Looks softly shimmery in the pan
I've had some time to play with Kaska Beige and wow!  Have I been missing some beautiful Chanel things all this time?  I may need to keep my eye on Raffinement now.

Kaska Beige's colors are sophisticated neutrals and the quality is much better than what I recall.  It contains a fleshly beige matte which is executed without any powdery chalkiness, a mauve satin, and two beautiful smooth shimmers: an eggplant mauve and a golden shimmer which is a deeper cousin to that matte beige.  The pigmentation on the satiny mauve is slightly patchy on me, but blended into the other shades, it looks fine.

I'm rather tan at this point, so the beige pretty much melds into my skin and does not show up.

I like how this colors plays with the light.  In this picture, under directly shining natural light, the plummy brown really glows with warm coppery shimmer.
This next picture shows the colors in indirect natural light.  They are smooth and the shimmers have particularly lovely pigmentation.

It's not as complexly assorted in colors and finish as say, Matsukasa from Suqqu (which is much warmer), but very nicely executed and quality I can stand behind!  Are the other quads like this?

Sorry, it is no longer in stock.  Here I am torturing you with yet another impossible-to-find posts.  I'm sorry.  I'm just excited to rediscover Chanel.  It's been a long time without me even glancing at it!

Please!  What are your favorite Chanel eye shadows and quads?

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