Clé de Peau Teint Naturel Satiné / Silky Cream Foundation

You may get the impression that I don't really love all my Clé de Peau products.  This would be an untruth.  Of the products I've tried, one item I hold near and dear to my heart.  I use it but I also conserve it and try to reserve it for when I want to look especially flawless.  It's the Teint Naturel Satiné cream foundation, also known as the Silky Cream Foundation.  I bought this little tube in a duty free counter in Asia and now realize, I can't find it in the States!  This is unfortunate.  There is another cream foundation available in the US from the brand, but it contains SPF and the finish looks different and less "perfect" for me.

On the brand site, it looks like the product is now in a tub.  I can't tell if it's exactly the same or not.  (Must now go into super-conservation mode)
This is the one I have:
I was playing around with the light setting and completely washed out the picture!  Oops.

In shade O20
I find the pigmentation to be high that a very small amount is enough to cover my face with the coverage I generally prefer (which is on the lighter side).  This is considered a fuller coverage product, but I find incredibly easy to sheer out with a moistened and squeezed-out Beauty Blender.  The Beauty Blender is my favorite way of applying this cream foundation and it gives the most beautiful natural finish.  I like that if I do want a fuller coverage, this product can be layered to give it.  It layers on well and doesn't look heavy or mask-like.

Direct Natural Light
These swatch pictures make me laugh, because it looks so obviously off on my arm.  However, I've used way more product here than would show a normal amount.  That little tiny blob in the unblended picture would have been about the size for my whole face.  I also love that there is no SPF in this product, which allows this product to photograph really beautifully as well. 
Good view of the texture on skin and blended in well
While creamy, it isn't particularly rich feeling, which I like.  It is kind to the flakies and doesn't make me look greasy.  I do need to set this with powder, to help set and extend it's good looks on my skin.
Have you seen me in your country?  I hope to repurchase this when I run out, and lined my coffers with gold dubloons.  Did I mention that this little tube is really, I mean really expensive? 

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