Dolce & Gabbana Voluptuous Lipstick in Only Monica

Dolce and Gabbana is more widely available, having been recently released on Sephora's website.  It's hard to get out there and actually play with the products for most folks, but I'm lucky enough to get to see them in person at the Saks Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan.

There is a super sexy esthetic to the brand with lots of gleaming gold and animal prints.  One of the faces of the brand is the incredibly beautiful actress Monica Belluci.  There is a range of lipsticks that feature her name and a richly pigmented formula, the Voluptuous Lipstick.  The colors in that range are super pigmented, needing a single swipe to impart a sexy rich look.  But I was drawn to Only Monica, the sheer one in the Voluptous range.
How do you like my lame attempt at a collage?

I found the formula to have a light gel like feel.  I can't say what the other shades are like as I haven't tried them on and they seem to be significantly more pigmented than Only Monica.  I like these translucent type of colors as they tend to be more forgiving on my lips by not settling unattractively into the creases.  I found Only Monica to provide a lovely soft gleam to the lips and a nice smooth texture.

Only Monica is a lovely sheer coral with sparse micro silver shimmer.  The shimmer is visible in the tube, but doesn't appear on the lips.  At least, not that I could tell.  I was on the hunt for a replacement for a coral lipstick after having gotten rid of Guerlain Nahema.  Lovely bright Nahema, which appears so pretty on many turned into a terrible whitened-base neon bright orange.  Yuck.  The sheer and clear quality of the coral Only Monica is a great brightening shade for me.
Single swipe (L); Layered swipe (R)

In my hunt for a coral lipstick, and in my crazed love for Chantecaille Lip Chics, I do see that there are some similarities between Chantecaille Lip Chic in Sunrise and D&G Only Monica.  Both are gorgeous with the same clarity in color.  Here's the big difference in color that I see: Only Monica is more true coral, and Sunrise has a bit of blue leaning tendencies.  (Right?  Or am I making that up trying desperately to justify having both?) 

Also, Sunrise has no shimmer, while Only Monica has a bit of silvery shimmer.  And Lip Chics are more cushiony in feeling compared to the lighter Dolce & Gabbana.

Only Monica is making me feel like maybe Spring will show it's face again.  Sad sigh.  Come back Spring, so that I can put on my Only Monica and welcome you back.

Only Monica has a slight floral scent, which dissipates with wear.

I totally need both, right?

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