Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs - Rue de Passy

I sure do love beautiful packages.  I'm not sure how much of what we pay for luxury product goes into the fancy packaging.  I'm thinking a hefty portion goes into the intricate package of Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs eye shadow palettes.
It really is a work of art with a substantial gleaming silver case that've been cut into a frilly filigree accented buy the Guerlain Bee.  It's a lovely attention to detail.

An inner thick plastic lid protects the inside as well as reveal a large mirror underneath the flap.
The shades are a meditation of brown neutrals with a sooty black liner shade for bringing definition.  A pale cool pink provides the frosty dimension and icy counterpoint.
Each shade is smooth and easy to apply.  The pigmentation varies by shade.  The three pale shades around the perimeter of the palette, the light matte beigey nude on top, the cool light matte brown on the left, and the deeper frostier brown on the bottom goes with the best pigmentation and evenness.  These are lovely mattes and when I remember I have them, they are useful shades to coordinate with other eyeshadows I own.  The deep blackened brown has an interesting plum shimmer which I couldn't capture in the swatch, but that can be seen in the palette picture.  The level of pigmentation was mediocre and applied a bit patchy.   The black liner shade is a nice sooty black and can also be applied moistened for more intensity.  My favorite is the tiny little square of frosty cool pink.  The demure and fancy Guerlain emblem that was imprinted on that square has been worn away with use.
Rue de Passy is a very versatile palette that can be use to create very office-friendly neutral look, or create some deep and smoky looks if I concentrate on the darker shades.  The pink is beautiful as a shade to pat lightly over the whole look to kick up the shimmer, or placed as a center lid focal point or as a highlight to the brows or inner corner.

Yep, Rue de Passy is nice and pretty, but I don't have the same warm and fuzzies the way I feel about some other palettes and shades.  I either want buttery creaminess a la Rouge Bunny Rouge, or if I want a drier feel, I want more texture variation or finish complexities of a Suqqu.

How do you feel about Guerlain eye shadow palettes?  Worth it?

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