Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Snowy Egret, Unforgettable Oriole and Angelic Cockatiels

Rouge Bunny Rouge Recently introduced two new eye shadow singles, Eclipse Eagle and Snowy Egret.  I immediately picked up Eclipse Eagle and you saw in my review of that eye shadow how stunning it is and it's just the kind of murkiness that appeals to my sensibilities.  I originally passed on Snowy Egret, but it seems kind of like an simple and cool frost shade without the level of pigmentation I was looking for.

Lucky Bellyhead, I was one of the winners of a Rouge Bunny Rouge twitter contest and won both Eclipse Eagle and Snowy Egret.  So now, Snowy Egret is in my hands (along with a whole other Eclipse Eagle)!  I had a few opportunities to use it, along with pair it with Eclipse Eagle (bio-avian mutated genetic pairing for the win!).

Looks pretty simple in the swatch above, a frosted white that gleams silver.  It also looks not as evenly pigmented as what I love about Rouge Bunny Rouge shadows.  But look, there's a little more something special here in Snowy Egret.  LOOK:
Subjected to the direct natural light, a subtle pale gold begins to emerge.  Not so simple as I thought.

I thought a comparison to my other pale Rouge Bunny Rouge highlight shades would be interesting.  So I've trudged out Angelic Cockatiels and Unforgettable Oriole.  RBR does these frosted shimmers so very well.  Me gusta.
My birdie nest
As an aside, all the pans are in different format.  *eye twitch*  It makes me slightly nutty.  I think some flame-powered depotting will help me get them a bit more uniform though.  Angelic Cockatiels has more product in the pan, too.  *twitch*

Compared to its birdie friends, Snowy Egret does have the least impressive pigmentation, but it's complex shimmer keeps up with the best of them.  I mean look at that multi-colored shimmer, especially in Snowy Egret and Unforgettable Oriole.
Another look at the colors, a bit further away so you can see the pigmentation better.
I particularly love the slightly rosier Angelic Cockatiels and Unforgettable Oriole is a beauty.  Snowy Egret is a nice addition to the pale bunch, though.

There is no Belly-resting until I've collected all of them!  *RUEFUL SHAKE OF HEAD AGAIN*

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