Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Sumiredama EX-11

I hope you won't mind a ton of pictures.  There.Will.Be.Pictures.  The fact that there are duo chrome shades basically doubles the words I need to describe these complex colors, and I think the pictures would be more illustrative of what I see.  Am supremely lazy.
The Limited Edition palette packaging is smoothly textured and white.  There is a faint iridescence that softly reflects pink, green and purple as I move the palette in my hand.  This palette differs in a couple of significant ways from the old quad format which has a matte base shade in some variation of white, a matte shade, a satin shade and a shimmer/frost shade.  In Sumiredama, all the shades are colored.  Not only are the colored, (GASP GASP GASP) some are even duo chrome!  I generally think of duo chrome shaded makeup as slightly trashy no matter how elegant the brand.  However, it appeals to my makeup heart which adores the shiny and the slightly gaudy.

Here are some pictures (more than normal the number of palette pan pictures I usually include in a post) because the colors shift and show off all sorts of different colors and flashes of shimmer.

Now all naturally lit pictures.  BeHOLD!

Some meaningless words on the colors.  The pale yellow actually shows up on my holiday tanned skin, which is a nice surprise for me.  I was basically going to write it off but am very pleased that it shows up so well.  Even though the lower left color flashes strongly duo chrome in the palette pictures -- veering green and then reddened purple, the strongest duo chrome on the skin is actually the taupe on the upper right.  Alrighty then.  More pictures.  Swatches were done starting from the pink and going clockwise:
4th color pulling reddend purple

See the taupe flash green and the dark color flash turq green

You just can't knock the duo chrome flash out of the taupe!
All shades are smooth and blendable as I would expect from a Suqqu quad.  I love the novelty of have these interesting colors and especially love the taupe.  The colors actually feel a bit more creamier than the old quads (1-8) and I find the pigmentation to be quite excellent.

Do you have your heart set on a Suqqu quad?  Which one have you sprung for?

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