Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Pink Adobe

I bought a second Tom Ford lipstick despite having stated, and documented on this blog post that this particular formula doesn't agree so kindly with my lips.  Why do I do this to myself?  Am weak, and am  a fool for a pretty color.  I was sort of hoping, and also convincing myself that with a less deep color, the formula would be more kind to my lips.
Pink Adobe is a beautiful neutral pink that really fills a void in my lipstick collection.  While I have a good mix of red, vamps, corals, MLBBs (my lips but better) and bright pinks, I'm lacking a rich and creamy mid-tone pink.
You got me AGAIN!

The pigmentation is really incredible with this lipstick.  The swatch below is one swipe of the bullet and look at the rich look of that color!  Stunning!
 Building up with a second swipe doesn't make the opacity any different because one swipe is really good enough for a fully opaque coverage and rich look.
One swipe (L); Two swipes (R) - Indirect Natural Light

It's a bummer because I do prep my lips really well before I go to bed and in general, my lips are well-moisturized and it good shape.  When first applied, that beautiful creamy opacity looks really fantastic on.  It's during its wear that my lips start to feel very parched and after a few hours and when I reapply, it just doesn't retain that initial lush feeling.

Plenty of people have said that they love both the incredible coverage and feel of these lipsticks.  I'm in the other camp.  I'm looking through a chain-link fence, watching other people enjoying their Tom Fords and I really wish I can be there, too!  So many of the colors are really intriguing to me, so it's really a downer.

What are your very favorite opaque lipstick brands and formulas?  Is it the Tom Ford?

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