Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

Might as well start wrapping up the rest of the series, eh?  Today, I break out the most bodacious, most gigantic and most dense Bronzer Brush from the Tom Ford brush collection.  This guy is one big, giant pile of goat hair.  For one such a brute, it is actually all refinement.  My goat hair comparison on hair quality actually featured this very brush and please try to trust me, there has been no change of heart from me on my feeling about the incredible high quality of the Tom Ford Goat.  Also trust me when I say that this is one very expensive brush.
Hi, George

I must confess, I don't even use powder bronzer, but I hope this post will show that this is for more than bronzers!  It is for petting, holding, cuddling and also calling George.  It does indeed bring out my best Abominable Snow Rabbit tendencies.  Apart from the holding him, hugging him, this makes a fierce setting brush for powder.

The brush is kind of oddly unbalanced looking to me.  The brush head itself is really huge.  When you pick up the brush, it is actually a really balanced brush.  The handle itself is big and weighty enough to balance the brush head beautifully in your hand.

Since I've pummeled the hair quality point to death (so soft! so fine!  so uniform in quality!), let's looks at the density of George.  Like the other face brushes from Tom Ford (Cheek and Cream Foundation), the packing of the hairs is super dense.  Since the hairs on the bronzer brush are long, the density feels uber-luxurious and soft.
If I go bald, I think I can cover my whole head by transplanting the hairs onto my head from this one brush

As I mentioned, I don't use this for bronzer application, though I think it would do an excellent job.  I do use it for applying loose powder and every once in a while, I also use for powder highlighter.  The super-packed density of the hairs allows for evenly picking up powder over the large surface area of the brush.  When I apply that powder to my face, I can either lightly brush on, or I can pat and pack on the powder.  The brushing gives a more lighter powder application of course, and the patting and packing really sets the powder in over my foundation.

Speaking of the large surface area, look at the side view of this brush.  It's almost like having a goat hair powder puff.  I guess I can make do with a stupid velour puff.  *angry glower*  But I can both pack/press and brush to a natural finish so I feel vaguely justified for owning such a luxury item.  And George, he's special to me.
Side view

By the way, I do also own another super luxurious face brush.  It's very difficult to compare goat hair to squirrel hair.  The Suqqu face brushes (cheek and face) are very airy in feel.  The application will feel feather light on your face as will the look.

So, you picking up the George?

All My Children - I Mean All My Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadows Depotted

Wow, I have a LOT of Tom Ford