Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber

My last Tom Ford Eye Color Quad on Wondegondigo was the limited edition Enchanted  which is a very pretty cool-toned shimmer-heavy neutral palette with a smooth formula.  Burnished Amber is an older offering, and has a different formula.

Burnished Amber, and I find this to be true in the older quads, is slightly dry in feeling.  It blends fairly well, but not with the same ease as with Enchanted.  Quibbles about the texture aside, I find the colors in this quad to be incredibly striking.  I have other warm eye shadows in my collection, but by far this one turn up the most heat and with most drama.

I think the colors are truly gorgeous.  It has a light, sandy satiny golden beige, a truly on-fire reddened pink with coppery shimmer, a deep warm burgundy shimmer, and a rosy bronze.  The second color, the pink layers beautifully over the other colors as well.

Natural Light

Angled to show some serious shimmer!

The biggest challenge with this palette is how burning hot these colors are.  I'm warm skin toned, so warm colors are flattering on me.  With Burnished Amber though, any red discoloration on the skin gets highlighted and amplified.  I take great care to ensure I wear this when I've perfected my base makeup and concealed the heck out of anything that is red.  I also have a fair bit of surface redness, so wearing a more opaque foundation is a must when I wear this.

Sunlight making all the blings!
The Tom Ford artist that was there when I was purchasing this suggested a few ways to make this palette more everyday friendly and less intimidating to wear.  Mixing the two bottom shades will tone down the ruddiness of that burgundy and is a great shade to wear either as a crease shade or along the lash line for more smoky looks.  The pink shade can be used as an accent color, very sparingly used in the center of the lid.

I personally find this palette to be tough one to wear, even more so than the Le Metier de Beauté Silk Road kaleidoscope.  The Burnished Amber's pink and burgundy together in one look is a force to be reckoned with.  The colors are incredible though, and with careful application, my dark brown eyes can look beautifully dramatic.

I am a lazy makeup wearer, however.  And I'm inclined to work with easy neutrals and this palette, is NOT an easy neutral palette.

What do you think of Burnished Amber?  Do you have similar red and pink-tones you wear on your eyes?

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