Tom Ford Lip Brush

I don't think this brush post is going to make you run out right now and I can't believe I actually bought this thing, except I guess it's nice?  I mean it.  It's very nice.  And it certainly works well.
You are good enough
When I was looking at this at the counter, I asked the SA if this came with a little cap.  After all, a dark lipstick like Black Orchid requires reapplication during the day and it would be nice to carry this around.  No, there is no cap for it.  I bet you I'm misconstruing what I heard but I recall being told that Mr. Ford really embraces the image of a woman at her dressing table going through the beauty ritual of applying her lipstick, with a brush, at her table.  Um, Mr. Ford, sometimes this Belly woman eats a greasy bacon cheese burger, and Black Orchid fades and when she reapplies it, it would be nice to use a brush.

Maybe also, you should buy another brush if you apply your morning makeup in your bathroom with the bad fluorescent lighting because then you're not worthy of this brush.  You can't take this brush outside of the house without smearing the inside of your purse with lipstick, but it's a nice brush.

It has the same beautiful iridescent brown handle as the rest of the brushes, and has a white brush head. I'm assuming it's synthetic because it has a super white color and the bristles are smooth and without cuticle.  Some nice features of this brush is that the brush head is relatively firm and the shape is a squared off, flat tip.  This makes it handy to apply a very precise, clean line to your lips.

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White brush hairs for lipstick?!  Yes, it kind of sounds impractical to me to, but I find that it's been easy to keep clean and get back to its pristine whiteness with my normal brush soap.  (I use the Becca brush soap, which is sadly, tragically now discontinued)

A quick comparison to the other lip brushes I own: the Bobbi Brown lip brush and the Shu Uemura portable kolinsky lip brush.
  • Bobbi Brown is an excellent all around brush.  The flat brush has a pointed tip which is great at getting into the corner of the mouth.  I've been using it more to point conceal my face instead of using it as a lip brush these days.
  • Shu Uemura Portable Kolinsky is a pretty good brush.  The shape of the brush head is similar to the Bobbi Brown and is able to get precise...ish.  Kolinsky is super luxurious and all that, but with the long length of the hairs, the head is a little floppy and not as precise as the BB or the Tom Ford.  It comes in two parts and the long cap becomes the handle.  It's really is portable!


I guess it will come down to your personal preference on brush head shape and portability.  And also how much you want your lip brush to match the rest of your Tom Ford Brush hoard.

Do you use a lip brush when you apply your lipstick or are you a straight out of the bullet kind of a gal?

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Brush

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