Wow, I have a LOT of Tom Ford

I don't know why I have such a deep ambivalence about this brand.  Clearly I've bought much of it and enjoy many of it.  However, some uneasy feelings stirred up about spending 48USD for a sheer lipstick.  I never put retail prices on here, because this blog is less a shopping guide and more about pretty and shiny things and my thoughts about consumption.

I guess it's hard to really make it an effective conversation without saying "Holy Hell Bunny!  I've just spent forty-eight hard-earned bucks on a sheer lipstick!"  It's even less about personal affordability; it's the sheer outrage about spending that kind of money.  I offend my own sensibility and perhaps some more clear-minded makeup consumers as well.

I spent a little bit of money.
Should I say, what the hell and let my freak consumer flag fly?  Or go back into a deep dark corner and ponder it some more.  Or both?

I opt for BOTH.  Wherever you are, Mr. Ford and Estée Lauder marketing and product execs drumming up your seductive advertising, I raise my morning coffee cup to you in salute.  Well done.  You've reduced Bellyhead into a conflicted ravenous beauty consumer.

FYI: some more Tom Ford products are coming up, including wrapping up my brush series and letting my makeup flag fly.  You can see in the picture, there's more dysfunctional consumption to share with you.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Kaska Beige