Bellyhead Organization & Le Collection

I've been trying to pare down to the essentials these days.  Isn't it so funny what someone's essentials look like?  These days, I feel like I have way too many essentials.  I'm going to try not to be filled with too much self loathing and try to enjoy the heck out of everything.  I feel like I have an amount of product to know and regularly use everything.

Would you like to see how I organize and what I have?  Here it is!  Ah, Ikea.  The godsend of all requiring inexpensive organization.  I'm using the short Alex, which has 5 drawers, a Vika gloss white table top, and two legs.  The mirror is also an Ikea mirror, uh, as is the chair.  I have several plastic bins from Muji and an acrylic Muji drawer and cups,  as well as some cheap acrylic dividers I picked up from Daiso in Asia.
The Belly Vanity
On the table top are the things I need to get to quickly and are too little and fiddly to store in drawers.

There are various hair items, skincare items and base/foundation items in high rotation.

There is a Calista Tools curler set in the foreground, Amore Pacific skincare, various Rouge Bunny Rouge highlighters, their Milk Aquarelle foundation, Metamorphosis Primer, liquid bronzer.  The bin on the right has loose powders, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia highlighter, Laura Mercier cake liner & transformer.  The little flat bin in the front has samples from RBR that I'm trying out.
The rounded plastic bins from Muji are stackable and relatively inexpensive compared to their acrylic pieces.  You see some mascaras in rotation.  The clear acrylic cups hold my brushes.  I have more brushes of course.
Here they are.  They are being washesed.
This acrylic bin is one from Daiso.  If you are in Asia and have access to Daiso, definitely check out their organization things, some of which are high quality and very inexpensive.  You see eye lash curler, eye brow spoolie brushes as well as eye liners and lip liners.  
The big splurge for organization for me is the 3-drawer Muji.  They are slightly shallow, so a Guerlain Rouge G lipstick fit, but barely.
A peek inside?

I've actually sold or gotten rid of quite a bit.  If you're curious to see the before, check out this post.

Shall we take a look at what's inside the Alex drawers?
Drawer 1 on top are mostly eye shadows and some gel liners.  I've kept some in their compacts (Tom Fords, some Suqqus and my Shiseido.
The eye shadows which have been depotted: L) LMdB, Chanel and Shu Uemura, 2) RBR and 3) Suqqus.  All of the Suqqus shown have detailed posts, so feel free to click on the Suqqu label and check them out.
Drawer 2 are my cheek products.  The lavender Unii contains my depotted Rouge Bunny Rouges.
Drawer 3 has additional foundations and base primers.  I'm pleased with how generally empty this drawer is.  It fills me with Zen.
Drawer 4 is the "Junk" drawer.  There are mascara backups, some empty boxes, and all the random stuff you see here.  Looking at this drawer fills me with agita.
Drawer 5 is the Skincare drawer.  There are various travel-sized samples of my Amore Pacific Time Reponse stuff, and backups of the full-sized things.  That Volcanic Clay stuff is from The Face Shop in Korea (also available in the US).  It's the pore-cleaning thing, which is disgusting and I LIKE it!
That ticks off the stash/organization line item on the Work List!

If there's any particular item you'd like more information on, let me know in the comments.   I'm working my way into my personal level of comfort in terms of quantity and mass.  For you, what's just about right? 

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cognac Sable

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadows - Swatch Set