Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley, Midnight Brown and Mulberry

Nope, nope.  Not sheer at all.
If you ever had the opportunity to walk by a Burberry counter, it may be possible to walk right by it.  As a matter of fact, you may actually stop to play with the eye shadows a bit and still walk on by after a few minutes.  I'm very fortunate to have the Burberry counter at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan a short walking distance away.  But I had the very experience I described.  Why is that?
Many of Burberry eye shadows are neutrals.  You won't find a vibrant green or a bright lime in the bunch.  Instead there is an offering of beautifully executed neutrals. Perhaps like me, if you find a few of them to your liking, your may also realize that these stand head and shoulders above other brands in many ways.

First the incredible packaging: they have heavy metal cases embossed with the emblematic Burberry nova checks.  The same details carry on the inside, just like the blushes.  There is a small sponge (useless) within.

Today I will show you the three I currently have in my possesion.  At one point I had Rosewood, which while a beautiful taupe, had a weird uncomplimentary clashiness with my skin.  So now I am down to Pale Barley, Midnight Brown and Mulberry.
Pale Barley (out of stock but to be re-released soon) is a gold taupe with a lovely profusion of shimmer that brings complexity to the shade.  This makes a beautiful easy wash shade for an easy eye look.  Smudged liner, Pale Barley, a swish of mascara on the lashes = perfect fuss free look.

Midnight Brown is a deep and pigmented brown with some more distinct and multi-toned shimmer.  It makes for an excellent color to smoke up around the lash line, or also easily works as an accent or a wash shade.  Again, another gorgeous basic.

Mulberry has a pleasing mix of warm purply tones and brown and adds a little kick to a neutral.  I often pair Mulberry and Midnight Brown in the autumn and winter to concoct a dramatic, but ultra sophisticated look.
I love how each of these colors can stand alone as a wash shade, but also has a superb blendability to pair with other shades for seamless looks.  They are pigmented and a dream to apply.  Burberry really does their eye shadow singles beautifully.
Though I am a huge fan of Burberry eye shadows, I myself am not itching to run out and buy the rest of them.  I enjoy saving space and depotting, but to depot a Burberry looks a bit too challenging for my tastes.  Also, one really appealing aspect of Burberry is the super luxurious packaging, too.  Right?

Are you a Burberry eye shadow connoisseur?  Which shades are your favorites?

Yup yup.  This checks off one more item off my Work List.

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