Jin Soon Nail Polish in Auspicious & Rescue Beauty Lounge in Be Humble (Been Feeling Grey)

It's refreshing to know that my proclivities are consistent in all cosmetics!  I suspect a lot of people are this way as well, which is to constantly be drawn to the same colors over and over again.  In this case, I purchased two nail polishes recently.

Rescue Beauty Lounge recently released its Emoting Me collection, inspired by...feelings?  Nothing more than feelings?  I made a couple of picks from the pre-sale event (which opens up to the general public later this month) and among them is Be Humble.  It's a pale, lavender toned grey with the trademark Rescue Beauty Lounge secret shimmer.  There is a mix of warm shimmer and purply blue shimmer in the color, which kind of shows in the top picture.
Formula is wonderful, with a lovely consistency that is full coverage in two coats.  Here I've topped with Butter London's top coat.  This cool color seems to bring about a slight lobster claw effect on my warm skin, but not completely unflattering, no?
Second recent purchase was Jin Soon's Auspicious.  Another grey with a lavender tinge.  This is a warm grey that is a cream with a tiny bit of jelly translucency.  It took three coats to achieve near full coverage.  No top coat in this pictures.  The pretty shine is all it's own.  I was also very impressed with the wear of this color, which lasted with out base or top coat with just a tiny bit of tip wear for about 5 days.

My sister remarked, upon seeing Auspicious: I like that color!  It looks kind of like zombie nails, but pretty at the same time!

What nail polish mood are you in?  I'm feeling like a zombie.

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