Let's Get Nude Blushes - Swatch Set

As one of my blog bucket list projects, I wanted to do a more comprehensive post that showcases my blushes by color family.  Funny when I was going through the actual blushes, I scratched my head a bit to sort them.  I feel like I've failed a Kindergarten project that my little daughter would surely ace.  Oh well.  Today, I show you the Nudes.  When I say nude, I mean blushes that are not pink, red, or coral.  You might even see a little bit of peach in there.

With the nudes, I bring you Burberry, Rouge Bunny Rouge and Tom Ford.

Maybe just some notes on the formula by brand would be useful.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge cream blush hasn't been extensively featured on the blog, but you've seen it pop up on other blush posts.  They have a lovely glide going on and blends easily with fingers.  It also has a very creamy feel and a lovely luminosity on the skin without adding any shimmer.  While the colors I have are beautiful, they just don't last very well on my skin, and fade away in about two or three hours.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blushes (the depotted round pans) have been covered in detail here.  Suffices to say, these are amazing and I own five of the six offered by the brand.  If they offered more, I would likely buy without hesitation!

Burberry blushes have an incredible creamy feeling that helps it meld into your skin for a beautiful finish.  I love them.

Tom Ford is another luxury indulgence of mine, and covered in my posts on Wicked and Ravish.  They have a fair bit of fine shimmer that imparts a major sheen on the cheeks.  I like shimmer and I love the radiance to the skin in most cosmetics finishes, so these are right up my alley.  They are also exceptionally pigmented and will take an age and a half to ever finish.

On to the nudey nudes!
Earthy is my most used contour color.  The ease of use makes it my favorite for an easy contour application.  Titian is a peachy nude and with out any shimmer, but due to its cream formula has a dewy finish on the skin.  Delicata has a fair bit of pink tones compared to the others in this line up.  It is not matte, but has a fine satiny finish.  Habanera is a warmer terracotta and more brown compared to the reddened tones of Tom Ford Ravish.

I love these nude blushes, although I suspect one doesn't really need so many.  I like them as a subtle definition color to my cheeks or a very sophisticated counterpoint that doesn't compete garishly with a dramatic eye or lip color.
What's your go to naked blush?  Hey baby?  What are you wearing right now?

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