Pink and Rose Blushes - Swatch Set

I'm going through a color-family series on my blushes.  I hope you've already read the one on nudes.  It wasn't even slightly titillating.  How disappointing; not a single person got naked.  Today, I wanted to show you the pinks and rose blushes I have.  I realized I've omitted my RMS and Rouge Bunny Rouge in Vermeer.  Oh well.  After taking pictures, I was too lazy to go back and take more.

Here are the brands and colors in this post.

I've done more detailed garbling on formula in other blush posts, including the nude one, so if so inclined, check that out.  But I think Bobbi Brown, Lunasol and Suqqu are new blushes to the blog and deserve a few words on those formulas.

The Bobbi Brown you see here is in the shimmer blush formula.  It has a very dry formula and I can feel the actual shimmer particles when I run my finger along the top of the pan.  It isn't unpleasant or weird feeling on the skin at all, however the shimmer is quite apparent on the skin.

The Lunasol has a really light and silky formula.  The pigmentation is fairly light but can be layered and there is a very fine satiny shimmer in this blush.  It is a wonderful Spring blush!

Suqqu you see here is a limited edition from last spring.  This format is different than the ones in the permanent range which features a colored shade and a coordinating highlight or contour shade.  This one has two blush shades that can be used individually or blended together.  There is some shimmer in the shade, but not at all high-shimmer like the Tom Fords.  This one is also very pigmented, which is not at all my experience with the lame-pigmentation Suqqu blushes in the permanent range.

More pictures?
Seems like I have a good variety of warm to cool, light to dark and matte to shimmer pinks.  I did just buy Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it stacks up against these beauties.

Bobbi Brown has obvious silver shimmers, but the color is a gorgeous warm pink.  However, the Bobbi Brown powder blush doesn't last very well on me, so this one does not get a lot of use.  

Cameo has been reviewed in detail, of course, so I wont linger long except to say YUM.  Again Coral Pink is a wacky name for this Burberry blush from Spring as I find it really really pink.  

Lunasol EX03 has a really funny name of Coral Pink Red, and if you look at the pan shot in the top picture, you see there really is all that in the pan!  The swirled and mixed color is a lovely pale pink, warmed up with a tiny bit of coral.  

Gracilis is delightful as is the incredible Rouge Bunny Rouge formula.  It is creamy and soft and is one of my very favorite blush formulas.  

Hmm, looking at this picture, the LE Suqqu and the Tom Ford Wicked looks kind of similar, but the Wicked is high sheen while the Akenemizu is less shimmery and slightly warmer.  Narcissist is a LE blush from last year.  It is a bright, crazy pigmented cool toned fuchsia, with some shimmer and radiance.
What is your favorite pink blush?

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