Red and Coral Blushes and Some Such - Swatch Set

While editing my pictures for this Red/Coral post, I realized I have a terrible sense of color.  I think most of these colors can be argued as something other than red or coral!  Moving on, here is the last of my color-family blush series.  Today, I bring you Reds and Coral and Some Such:

I'm showing you Addiction Revenge (not pictured below.  Because I forgot), Burberry Blossom, Chanel Fleur de Lotus (LE), Estée Lauder Wild Sunset, Dolce & Gabbana Sole, Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline & Florita, Suqqu EX03 Akenemizu (the right side, and also LE) and Susan Thompson Cherry Pie.
A few meaningless words on brands and formulas not previously discussed:
Addiction Cheek stick is a multi-purpose item that can be used on both lips and cheeks.  It has a super light formula with an even lighter slippiness than the Rouge Bunny Rouge sticks.  The amazing thing about this one is that it lasts and stains the skin.  Seriously.  It resisted Bioderma and soapy water.  On the lips, it feels awfully dry.  I find most multi purpose formula unsuitable for the lips and so it wasn't disappointing at all to me.  On the cheeks, DIVINE!  (thank you, makeup easter bunny!)

I was introduced to the Susan Thompson brand via Lola's Secret Makeup Blog.  It has a small pump dispenser like the Makeup Forever one.  This color in Cherry Pie has a level of pigmentation that is off the charts!  The teeniest, tinest blob will do both cheeks and then I'll probably have enough to stain the lips as well.  Speaking of stains, similar to Addiction Revenge, I could not get the stain off with my Bioderma.  I posted a picture on Twitter with the weird two stained strips on my arm!

Swatches you say?
Color wise, Addiction is a lot more pink than I thought from other reviews, but gloriously pretty none the less.  I had previously stated that Blossom and Fleur de Lotus were very similar and in indoor lights they really are, but outside, they have definite differences.  Sole looks like one weird looking orange soldier in the middle!  Wild Sunset has a lovely shimmer.  I love this blush.  Both Orpheline and Florita are really pinky!  Did I say coral in this post?!  The well pigmented Suqqu look practically washed out next to the intensely pigmented Cherry Pie.
Writing this post is making me crack up at how hodge podge all these colors look swatched next to each other.  Next post: Belly Eye Exam!

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