Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Ginusudama EX-13

These new Spring 2013 limited edition palettes having been surprising me with how deeply pigmented they are.  EX-13 Ginusidama is no exception.  If you have been unsure of springing for one of the Suqqu palettes over feedback that they are sheer, these new ones may be good ones to consider.  EX-11 Sumiredama is now permanently in heavy rotation for me now.  I've been carving out days to try out the other Spring Suqqu palettes and already adoring EX-12 Hisuidama.

And as in my Sumiredama post, I will post many pictures.  Small changes in light and angle will intensify the duo chrome reflects, which are seriously beautiful.
Is it purple?!

Is it blue?
More pan pictures!

If you are very familiar with the texture of the old discontinued quads, you will definitely notice a difference with these Spring LE eye shadows.  They have a denser feel with excellent pigmentation.  They are however, less unctuously creamy as Himesango.
All swatches are in natural light, some direct and some indirect starting from pink and going clockwise.  The pink is a cool shimmery pink, the brown is an intense, rich warm reddened brown  shimmer, the vanilla white is warm and pearly in texture.  The last shade, is a scene-stealing stunning one, turning all sorts of interesting colors.

This first picture shows some serious shimmer.  Again, shimmer-phobes will not enjoy this.  These limited edition Spring palettes are all about pearly textures that light up your eyes.

As of now, I have not found a placement for these shades that are really succesful on my eyes yet.  I had originally placed a lot of the brown on my lids and slightly past the crease, but the texture looked unflattering on me.  I can't quite figure out why it looks strange, since I usually don't have a problem with putting shimmer on my crease.  And I love warm colors on my eyes in general, too.  I'm going to have to keep on playing with this one.  But rest assured, it is gorgeous and those among the more artful of you will find many pleasing ways to use these colors.

By the way, I've posted several Suqqu posts by now, including on the old palettes I own.  So check the Suqqu label on the right and see what's there.  I've also posted on how you can buy Suqqu.  I've recenly also acquired Kokedama, which is one of the discontinued eye shadow palettes.  I shall post it soon as well.

Have you tried the Suqqu spring palettes yet?  Which one is your favorite?

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