Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Hisuidama EX-12

More Suqqu Spring Limited Edition eye shadow palette today?  Why not?  Today I want to show you EX-12 Hisuidama and this post rounds out and completes the Spring 2013 eye shadow palettes from Suqqu.  These limited edition palettes have white packaging that is softly textured and not smooth shiny black like the permanent ones.  It reflects a pale green and pink in the light and plays further on the theme of pearlescence, which you'll also see in the eye shadows.
When I was first looking at the promo images for the Spring Suqqu, I was really only planning on getting EX-11 and EX-13.  The deeper tones and the tantalizing idea of trashy duo chrome executed a la Suqqu style was completely irresistible to me. 
I started thinking about incorporating some colors not normally my style and then I splurged and added Hisuidama to my purchase.  Inky, smokey and dark is right in my comfort zone and I was thinking that the light pastely white, green and pinks would feel weird to me.  While I incorporate pale shade in my looks, there are usually a small accent or counterpoint, not the basis of a whole look.  With Hisuidama, I also feared the usual airy pigmentation of Suqqu eye shadows and suspected that the colors wouldn't really show on my skin.
Well, I was wrong.  So let's show the pictures.

The colors are all pearly, with less shimmer than the other two palettes.  I think the  duo chrome (that I can spot) is the sage green shade.  This palette contains a densely pigmented cool white, a sage green shade that shifts golden green, a pale satin pink and a brown with  shimmer.  The brown provides a level of earthiness to the whole look, excellent for defining around the eyes.
All the colors swatch clearly and easily on my arm and show up clearly on my lids.  I are impress.
I use the white sparingly because it does show up so incredible well on the skin.

Apart from pale colors showing up (hurrah!), the finish is so pretty and refined!  Ms. Driveller posted a few looks in her blog (here here ) and I used her "round" look as good directions to play around with the placement.  I am many many shades darker than Kate, but the colors still ring clear on my lids and the pearliness provides a lovely sheen to the whole look.

Pale and not at all chalky, these are lovely additions to my collection.  I have unmitigated blathering love for this palette and so glad I did something out of the norm for me.

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