Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Kokedama 02

I think I've purchased my fill of Suqqu eye shadow quads now.  Kokedama is among my last epic Suqqu splurge, which filled me with great glee and great anxiety and soul searching.  There are certain brands that functions as catnip to cats for me.  I also have a need to complete collections and certainly nothing is more pleasurable to me (makeup-wise) than to compile a huge collection of Suqqu quads, especially the discontinued ones.  With opportunity given, I purchased Kokedama.
Kokedama is one of the older quads, and as is the format features a white matte base shade which functions to even out the lids and prime without actually adding color.  It has a dark matte base shade which is used to create depth and provides the primary color tone of the look.  Then two more shades which provide shimmer and satiny texture to complete the look.

Here are the swatches of the shades.  From my experience, the dark matte green doesn't have the usual smooth pigmentation that I experience with Suqqu mattes.  If you can tell in the picture, the color applied looks kind of patchy.  The sheerness isn't out of the norm, but the patchy application is odd.

The icy pale green on the upper left pan has very little base color, but an intensity of silvery shimmer.  It's nice to mix with the dark green matte or with the second shimmery shade but doesn't have any particular impact on it's own.  The dark silver on the upper right is the most interesting color in this palette, with a deep complex sheen coming from the shimmer and mixed with sage green.
The picture below probably shows what I mean by the textures and lack of smoothness a bit better in the dark matte shade.
I generally lack greens in my eye shadows, so I'm therefore (as I convince myself) happy to own Kokedama.  I mean, now I own all the old retired ones I could want, so am happy.  Am regretful and am full of green patchy eye shadows.

Mais oui, this marks off one more item on the Work List.  Darn, I kind of want to go back and retake all my Suqqu pictures because the outside light is so amazing.  Meh, too lazy.

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