Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick in EX-10 Tsubomidama

I don't mind telling you I'm wrong.  Very wrong.  Misinformed or misguided.  Here I am telling you how much I love my two Suqqu Spring Limited Edition lipsticks.  They are the Creamy Glow Moist, which is the sheer lipstick formula from the brand.  I complained in my post on EX-08 Sangodama that the lack of pigmentation was a big letdown for me.  And then I went ahead and plum changed my mind.  *shrugs*  Oh well, woman's prerogative and all that.

Tsubomidama is more pigmented than EX-08, but definitely still rings "sheer."  One swipe will allow a lot of your natural lip color to peep through.  A few layers will build up more color though.  These Creamy Glow Moist lipsticks are really something.  It is slightly thick in texture, with a bit of slip so the color will cling fairly well.  For a sheer lipstick, it wore about 3 hours which I thought was pretty good.  An even nicer aspect of this lipstick is how well it agrees with my lips in terms of conditioning.

I'm very pleased with the lovely neutral rose, which leans a teeny bit warm on my arm.
While I was swatching this on my arm, I had a nagging thought in the back of my mind.  I think we don't need too many words for you to understand what was beginning to bug me.


Mistress of Buy the Same Thing Over and Over Again strikes again!

P.S.  A word of note, Suqqu has a bit more slip, so is easier to apply and has a bit more lasting power on me.  Amour is slighty more opaque (but not by much).

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