The Work List

I'm done now!

I realize I keep a lot of stuff, mostly lists in my head. Such as, don't forget to water the basil plant, it's looking wilted. Did I pay that bill? Set up auto-pay. Drink water.  I need to go pee.  I don't want to miss posting the stuff I really want to show and share, so I'm making a list and I'm checking it twice. But there won't be any presents, not even for the good boys and girls. There will be new posts and pictures, though!

Cross brand:
  • A comprehensive something something (either by color category or finish) of the blushes I own.
  • Foundation / base products post (hits and misses) Not sure I want to do this because I think people want to see face pictures of before and after.  *shudders violently*
  • Mascaras R Us - quick run through of all I have rotating through. Maybe eyeball pics, not sure as it would depend on laziness.
  • Sheer lipsticks - maybe across the brands includig Shiseido, Tom Ford, Chantecaille, Suqqu, Nars, Chanel, etc.
  • Taupey Taupes Not sure I will do this.  This seems a little epic and a little hard.
  • General Organization & Stash - For my Gummy.
  • Eye Shadows
Rouge Bunny Rouge:
  • A swatch fest of the most massive kind of all the eye shadows I own. Trust; I have quite a few
  • Plumping gloss
  • Cream eye shadows
  • A resource for all the Suqqu Creamy Glows I currently have in my collection
  • Suqqu Kokedama
Tom Ford:
  • Cognac Sable quad
  • Maybe a fragrance if I can get my nerves up.  I wrote a draft but it was lame.  :(  
I may be revising this list over time, but will be checking it off here as I go. I 've also posted this post at the top so I can use it as a self reference. Am forgetful in my old age and require prompts.  I may also not finish everything here also.  *must cover my ass* Anything else you'd like to see discussed, dissected and queried? Feel free to comment here, write me an email or tweet me away!

Anyway, I tweeted that I'm working on putting up another blog sale.  I'm in streamlining mode and looking forward to clearing my head and my collection of the lesser used/loved.  Rest assured, there will be some beauties in that sale.

Once I do that, and once I'm ticked off all from my to-post list,  I think I will have said all there is to say... as far as makeup and my woebegone belly gazing is concerned.  I hope this blog is a nice resource for those searching the world wide web for  a few of my favorite brands for information.  I hope you enjoy the blog and thank you for being wonderful readers!


Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadows - Swatch Set

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Hisuidama EX-12