Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cognac Sable

I think this palette has a split personality.  In the evening, she puts on her glitter shade and parties with all the party animals in town.  During the day, she puts on her neutral eye and horn-rimmed glasses and goes about her day.  She's sipping tea, no sugar and no lemon, because she is really no nonsense kind of a gal.  I'm just saying, when she puts on her glitter top coat, she goes NUTS!

Tom Ford is known for glittery shimmery eye shadow palettes.  I currently also own Enchanted and Burnished Amber.  Neither palette is for the shy as either the color + shimmer combination or the full-on glitter effect is very strong.  The force is strong with this brand, Luke.  In that sense, Cognac Sable also has the force and it is strong in this one as well. 

First let me show you that glitter shade in the quad.  It is an intensely coppery shimmer.  It works well patted on with your finger, as opposed to swabbed and brushed on.
 It really is not about adding color, it's all about adding intense glitter and texture to finish off a look.
As you can see the base color is pretty negligible, but the glitter effect is intense.
I'm not shy
Here are the rest of the shades, which are shimmery, but in toned down neutral shades that really comes together to form an elegant and can I say understated look.  There is a pale, sandy beige that has a tonal golden shimmer.   It then also contains a bronzy brown, again with warm golden shimmers and then also a deep, cooler brown with pale silvery cool shimmer.
I took pictures outside for the first time. What do you think?  It was COLD!

As I mentioned in my post on Burnished Amber, these eye shadows are certainly smooth, but has a dry feel.  I suppose it would be a matter of preference on how far into the buttery spectrum you like your shadows.  If Rouge Bunny Rouge rates a 5 on that scale (1 being dry as sand, and 5 being uber creamy), then these Tom Fords would be about a 2.5 in my estimation.  Despite the amount of shimmer and glitter in this quad, I don't experience fallout and I find it lasts very well.

This palette has some nice versatility, being able bring on that party-girl glittery and smoky look OR can also build up a lovely and flattering neutral look if the glitter coat is omitted.  Of course, you can build anything in between.  The pigmentation is dense with Cognac Sable and looks incredibly rich on my eyes.

I tool these pictures outside, which is the first time for the blog.  What do you think?  It was brrrrrr cold.

Love it and pleased to own it, but I'm sure I can dupe this with less expensive brands and colors out there.  Any similar quads you can think of?

By the way, by now, I've shown every Tom Ford makeup item I own and this checks off an item on the Work List.

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