Addiction Basquiat Ready to Wear Eye Palettes - Tuxedo Moon, Sugar Rusk, Mudd Club & Soda Lunch

Japanese brand Addiction by Ayako has released a selection of eye shadow palettes inspired by the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat.  I won't pretend to know much about the art of Basquiat but to say that it was seminal in influence upon New York and the art world reflecting turbulent social issues and eye popping images.

The eye shadow palettes released has two limited edition palettes, Soda Lunch and Black & White.  I passed on one and purchased Soda Lunch.  Also are several permanent shades which are available currently in limited edition palettes cases.

Clockwise from top: Sugar Rusk, Mudd Club, Soda Lunch, Tuxedo Moon
These are my first purchases in Addiction eye shadows, but I've heard fantastic feedback on the eye shadow singles before.  I've made my purchase from Ichibankao (with significant markup), but unless you have a friend who can purchase for you, or a courier service, this is pretty much the only way to go.

I tried to limit myself to just two palettes, but the shades were just so striking!  I should have been a bit more restrained but I got sucked into the LE vortex again.  Here are pictures of the palettes and swatches and my thoughts based on my recent use.

Tuxedo Moon is the very sedate, mostly matte selection of neutral shades:
The two dark shades, the charcoal-black and the deep neutral browns are sheerer in pigmentation than I hoped.  The mattes are smooth however, and blend nicely.  They aren't quite as lovely as my Rouge Bunny Rouge or Suqqu mattes, however.  The mauve is a dusky and cool matte and the pale cement has a fine silvery shimmer.  This quad is quite versatile for creating several easy looks on the eyes.  (I had compared on Makeupalley to Guerlain Les Fumes. While not dupes, tells a similar color story minus the intense silvery taupe of Les Fumes).

Swatches of Tuxedo Moon are clockwise from top left.

Sugar Rusk (below) is a delightfully shimmery neutral quad.  It is completely the kind of eye shadow palette to get my heart to go thunka-thunka.  The pigmentation is pretty sheer as well and but the shades have a lovely buttery feel.  I can't believe it's not butter!
It is a complete taupe lover's dream with a few texture variations to keep it from being boring.  However, it not a particularly unique combination of shades and I feel you can probably dupe it among more easily acquired brands.  Swatches are from top left.
Both neutrals side by side: Tuxedo Moon on the left and Sugar Rusk on the right.
Indirect light 
In direct natural light

Now, here are the non-neutral among my selections, Mudd Club and Soda Lunch.

Here is Mudd Club.  Now look at these beautiful colors.  Can you believe that incredible shimmer in the blue green?  And the purple is run through with intense bright blue shimmer as well.  Click on the picture to view it up close.
Here are the swatches.  Unlike my neutrals, Tuxedo Moon and Sugar Rusk, this palette has some incredible pigmentation.
 I leave it to you to ogle the shimmer in Mudd Club.  Unfortunately for me, when I wear the colors, the blend of the silvery blue/green and the reddened purple is most unflattering.  *shrug*  I am contemplating how much I want to keep it or if I will purge it.  I'm having a difficult time deciding because, I mean LOOK at the picture below.  Right?!  Right?!

Soda Lunch is most definitely the queen of this release.  This comes in the dinosaur palette.  (I confess I bought it for that collectible dinosaur palette case!)  It has an incredible graphic contrast of bright yellow, the two discordant blues and an optic white.  This would never, ever be a set of colors I can wear on my eyes.  They seem designed to clash and startle.  But wow, are these shades incredible.
I originally thought the blue and yellow were matte shades, but no.  Each have its shimmer.  The blue yields a pale slightly warm satiny cast due to its shimmer, while the yellow twinkles with its silvery bits.  All very fine, mind you.  The white is very pigmented and intensely shimmery.  And OH!  That purple.  Holy beautiful purple.  I hope the pictures of the swatches can even half as much show you what I see in person.
 Of out focus and angled to better show you the textures and shimmer variance of the colors.
In clear defiance of my own cowardice and inability to wear clashing and discordant colors, I wore it today in honor of ... hanging out in the house, doing laundry and gardening.  I love how my family sees me wear these crazy colors and not blink an eye now.  I did think that in the context of my whole face, the look is actually pretty wearable.  I'm wearing Soda Lunch on the eyes, Suqqu Creamy Glow in 17 Ichijiku on the lips.  As blush I am wearing Rouge Bunny Rouge blush stick in Titian.  Here:
A little more detailed views of the eyes here.  I wore the white very lightly over the whole lid because, uh shiny and bright?  The pale yellow was placed on top of my epicanthal fold  and a slight bit up and around.  Yellow was also placed on the outer corner of my eye and out.  That amazing purple is placed closer to my lash line on the inner part and thicker as I moved out and into a slight wing.  The bright lighter teal blue was placed on the mobile lid and also into a winged shape over the purple line.  Under the inner lower lash line I ran some teal blue and some purple under the whole thing.  A little liquid black liner to define the whole thing.
Darn, I've run out of material for the blog again.  I promise to come back if I find anything interesting to show you.

Did you get your hands on one of these Addiction Basquiat palettes?  Are you liking the brights or the neutrals?

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