AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ in 104 Tan Blush

At the recent Bergdorf Goodman Beauty event, I picked up a few skincare items from the AmorePacific counter and while there, also picked up the new Color Control Cushion Compact.  In my head, I may have laughed derisively at the CC makeup concept which seems like a marketing person's evolution from the now ubiquitous BB cream.  (Blergh!  Lolz!)  Lately I've been on the hunt for a foundation that would provide good light feel that would stand up to my oily t-zone and provide a better match for my tanned skin.
Color Control Cushion Compact is not called a foundation as such, but performs as one as well as a skincare product.  It has a very interesting product dispensing method, which is a sponge that has been soaked with the product.  An enclosed flat puff is used to pat on the product onto the skin.  The puff is treated to be anti-microbial as well.  (not sure the science behind that)  A refill of the product-loaded sponge is included in the purchase price.

It looks unique, but not a new concept.  I think I may have used a drugstore product like this ages ago but minus the non-absorbant puff.  The product puff and the sponge work very well though to deliver an even layer of product to the skin.  The liquid is very thin, but when patted lightly into the skin, can be build up in layers to a fairly medium finish without becoming cakey in any way.

The Color Control aspect is definitely there.  I have some redness around my nose and chin, and without completely obliterating the redness, it evened out the overall tone of my face.  I feel I should still use a good concealer if I were going for a more "perfected" look, but as an every day item, the AmorePacific was great.

I did notice that it was slightly tacky to the touch the first time I used this, but now it just feels like perfectly moisturized skin.  My complexion tends to be dehydrated flaky, and oily in the t-zone all at the same time.  (Lucky me!)  I am really pleased with how well it plays with where my skin is flaky but not emphasizing them, but providing a really nice moisturized feel.

More interesting was how it performed on my oily nose.  The overall look on my face, including the t-zone, is dewy but not greasy.  It's very natural looking and doesn't dull down my nose into a matte look.  It stayed like that during an epic outdoor party I hosted the other day.  I've been wearing this without powder and love how it looks.
Immediately after application
Also loved that it lasts all day long for me.  All day.  Truly impressive, considering my oily t-zone's superpower ability to break down most foundations.  We'll see how it lasts when summer cranks up its heat and humidity.

HG material?  No, not really.  I find the color selection to be incredible skimpy with two warm and two cool shades.  Though with the initial sheerness of the coverage, many different skin tones can wear the shades, but the Tan Blush, which is the lightest of the offering is slightly dark on me.  And I am never the lightest shade in anything.  I also thought that it could go more warmer and yellower to better match my skin.  The color seems more peachy than I like on my face.  If they offered a color better suited for my skin, I think this would be an excellent everyday color for me.  For now, with the warm bright months of summer looming ahead, I will happily use this.  (I'm about a Chanel B20 but yellower, Cle de Peau O20, Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle in Chestnut)
A few minutes after application
I have some thoughts regarding the broad spectrum SPF 50+.  Do not expect a makeup product to provide enough sun protection for real extended outdoor use, no matter how high the coverage.  I used my La Roche Posay sunscreen along with the CC compact and still experienced a slight burn during extended outdoor time.  Stupid me, I should have reapplyed the sunblock during the day.  For me, for my normal sun exposure (which is very low.  I am a cave dweller), this should be adequate.  But in the future, I will add additional sun protection in the form of reapplied sunscreen and hats.

What you think of this new CC concept and marketing handle?  Color Correcting float your boat?

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