Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Jade Shore vs. Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Periwinkle Cardinal

A short post today upon the request of Naomi.  Hi Naomi!  *waves!*

I took a look at Chanel's limited edition release of Jade Shore and compared to Rouge Bunny Rouge's eye shadow Periwinkle Cardinal.  Wow, Naomi!  You are pretty much spot on.  Obviously the formulation is different with Chanel being an eye shadow stick with a very cool liquid feel and Rouge Bunny Rouge is the standard pan.  These are phone pictures in indoor, natural lighting.  Today was overcast, though.

If I had Naomi's eagle (on the RBR bird theme, HAHA!  I crack myself up!) eyes, I may have less dupes in my makeup collection.  No matter; onwards:

(Bottom) Jade Shore; (Top) Periwinkle Cardinal
The colors are awfully close, Naomi.  However, the glitter particles in the Chanel stick are more discrete and bling bling.  Periwinkle Cardinal also has a finer feel, but I guess we can argue that is just due to cream versus powder differences.  On my arm, Chanel wiped away easily with Bioderma, but RBR was surprisingly more difficult to remove.  I'm not sure if it means anything in iterms of how it wears on your eyes.  However, if you plan to wear on your inner arm, take careful note!

One more shot, because every post needs a second picture.
I AM wearing pants in this picture.  Stop thinking dirty thoughts
Also the tones are slightly different in the base color.  Jade Shore has a slight golden warmth while the glitter is cooler than Periwinkle Cardinal.  Periwinkle cardinal has a cooler base and a warmer shimmer!  Haha!

My personal preference is the Rouge Bunny Rouge.  I posted already how I feel about Jade Shore, where the words MEH and BITCHING were prominantly figured.

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