Chanel Summer Collection (or Meh, Meh, and MEH and A Post of Twitter Photos)

I'm not 100% sure what seduced me into buying some pieces from the Chanel Summer collection, L'été de Papillon.  I do love some tacky nail polishes, so Azuré drew me in right away.  There is also a good blog and internet buzz for the cream eye shadow sticks.  Yes, am sucker in many ways, but certainly a sucker for fancy things with good buzz.

No pictures in this post are particularly color accurate.  The bitching is pretty accurate.

My picks from this collection are the Azuré nail polish which is a stunning duo-chrome polish which turns incredible blue and bright turquoise green.  Stunning.  Unfortunately, less than twenty four hours after applying, it chipped.  I don't know what's the deal with my nails and Chanel, but this isn't atypical in terms of Chanel nail polish performance on me.  I'm sad.  It's beautiful and tacky and just right up my alley.

Also bought Jade Shore and Moon River of the Stylo Eyeshadow.  Pictures are terrible, but both swatched beautifully.  I tweeted to my friend when I was all excited to receive them.

I also compared Moon River to By Terry Misty Rock, which is another stick style eye shadow.

They are different obviously.  And Chanel has a lovely cooling effect when applied on the skin.  But look, when I tried to remove both with Bioderma, Misty Rock clung tenaciously onto my arm while Chanel wiped away easily.

This was mostly indicative of how it performed on my eyes.  The color pay off was pretty sheer, and the shimmer bits migrated on my face.  I was not happy.

So unhappy that I made a little vine video of how much I hated it.  This is Jade Shore.

How you like my new media strategery now?

Are you liking Chanel Summer?

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