Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Chamomile

Today I shall show you my zombie-like naked face so that you can take a gander at the newest foundation I've acquired for my rotation.  Yes, I have a foundation rotation which I go through based on various conditions both dermatological and meteorological.  There are good skin days in which Retin-A and hormones work in partnership to keep the odd zits at bay and which flakies are subsided.  Then there are days where regardless of skin condition the oppressively hot and humid weather calls for more hardy fire power.  I had meant to do a foundation round-up and to show some hits and misses, but lately been enjoying some good experience with Chantecaille Future Skin, so I'd like to show it today.

(Let's just pretend for the next few minutes that I've not quit the blog and pretend all is as it always was.  I always wanted to show anything that I thought was post worthy. always.  I repeat words repeatedly. )

Let's pretend that though I've introduced a complex concept which has an X axis (dermatological) and a Y axis (meteorological), I will just go through my experience with Future Skin.

It comes in a stout heavy glass jar which requires a clean finger, a cotton bud, or a small spatula to dig up a small amount.  The texture is a thick gel that applies easily but requires a bit of muscle (or rather gentle pressure) to work into the skin.  For me, I usually apply with fingers and seems to do a good job here.  I think I will also give it a go with one of my foundation brushes.  There is very low SPF here (factor 10), which I prefer because I don't need to worry about odd white cast.  It is also an oil free formulation, but still feels plenty rich while I apply.

Thought you'd like to see it in action.

 My bare face often will have an errant zit (hello, weird thing on eye lid), some discoloration under my nose and on my chin and dark circles under eyes.  I also have some hyperpigmented spots from where I pick pick pick my zits.  Also edited to add I have a fair amount of surface redness which usually confuses makeup counter SAs that insist on matching me with cool foundations.

Here is my face with a layer of Chantecaille Future Skin and also with my beloved Ellis Faas concealer that I've used under my eyes.  I've not done any spot concealing in these pictures.  Coverage is light-medium and can be layered to medium, but I think it's best feature is its light coverage which allows my skin to shine through.
 Here is my face in the context of a layer of all the other makeup stuff.  I am wearing Guerlain Les Fumes on my eyes, a byTerry liner which I did not like, and Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Silence on the lips.  Edward Bess Secret Affair is the blush here.

I'm pleased with how lovely and natural the finish is.  Initially, I was very pleased with how well it lasted on my skin, especially with my tendency to flake AND be oily.  As however, the weather has gotten rather warm and humid, the foundation requires a lot of blotting to keep steady.  Which is okay for now.  I'm loving how it looks though.

I'm also happy that something matches my yellow skin and a little sad to see myself return to more paleness.  I'm asked from time to time what my MAC skin tone is.  I have no idea.  I was thinking I'm something warm like a NC20 or 25?  I would like to go get matched at some point.  Any recommendations for which MAC foundations are good to get matched against?

Weird seeing my giant face on the blog.  I suspect I may end up deleting this post because -- because that's my FACE on the INTERWEBZ!  GAH!

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