Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Secret Affair

I posted about Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses and today, I'm showing off Secret Affair.  I won't wax too lyrical about the formula since I drooled all over Bed of Roses already.  Just know this: I ADORE IT.  Smooth?  Yes.  Pigmented?  Yes.  Alchemic powers to turn colored powder into beautiful cheeks?  Yes, that too, YES!  Uh oh.  I've gone crazy again.
on nails, Rescue Beauty Lounge in Be Humble
Delicious summery mix of coral and peach.
A slightly out of focus (on purpose, of course!) pan shot that shows a shimmer bits.  Not to worry; it doesn't show that level of shimmer once blended onto the cheeks - only a pleasing radiance on the skin.
I love how sheer it is initially to allow the skin to show through in such a flattering way, but layers effortlessly if I want more drama.

Yesterday, I paired Secret Affair with a sheer peachy lipstick from Rouge Bunny Rouge and I loved how soft and pretty it looked.
Secret Affair is marketly more peachy than other corals in my blush line up.  Both Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline is pinker in tone than Secret Affair.  Burberry Blossom is a deeper orange.  (Damn it, you pixie!  I hate it when I'm wrong!)  The finish of Secret Affair is reminiscent to the radiant finish of Rouge Bunny Rouge.
(L) RBR Orpheline (C) Burberry Blossom (R) Secret Affair

I'm loving Edward Bess' new Secret Affair; it's a lovely addition to my blushes.  Gosh, if I smoked, I might be smoking a cigarette right now.

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