Thank You and See You Later

This isn't actually a swan song.  It's a thank you.  It's a big thank you to each of you for spending time with me and allowing me to indulge in one of my favorite things: beautiful makeup!  Having this blog has allowed me to experience camaraderie with other fellow makeup lovers and it's been so much fun.  I wish it could go on for longer, but the day has come.  I hope this doesn't come as a surprise if you are a loyal reader to Wondegondigo.
Time for the goat to take a bow
What the hell, how about a cute pig from the Central Park Zoo?
What an incredible ego-boosting and validating experience to feel that I have an audience.  I mean seriously, in real life, people want to know why I have another shopping bag or another box coming in with yet more makeup.  But on the blog, everyone wants to know when I will post about it and can it be soon.  And you guys comment!  It's like an incredible positive feedback loop!  I feel like a rat in an laboratory experiment zapping myself with positive reinforcement and feeling the need to post even more!

In the beginning, I was so excited to see 10 page views, 20 page views, until I realized Blogger was recording me obsessively clicking on my own blog.  I changed that setting and was really sad to see the views drop to single digits.  (ha!  how embarrassing!)  But then people found me and lovely bloggers put me on their blog rolls.  Today, Wondegondigo will every so often break over 1000 page views daily and to date we have close to 1,500 comments on the blog in just about seven months.  (I swear, it's not me clicking a 1000 times on my own posts!)  Of course, it's tiny for established bloggers when put into perspective, but considering how small this blog is, it is really and truly exciting.
My alter ego thanks you
I need to confess that I actually set up my blog so I can get rid of some less-loved makeup and to streamline.  Sorry!  But it's one of the reasons for setting this blog up.  Swapping isn't really so alluring to me, because you get more makeup IN and not just OUT.  Thanks for shopping my blog sales and helping me clear up and streamline and allowing me to make some big splurges with the funds.  I've met many wonderful people through those two sales.  I'm so grateful!

Another reason for setting up this blog is to explore and ruminate on what I like and don't like.  It's been an invaluable exercise.  I've learned so much and also got an opportunity to write creatively and analytically.  I was an English major in school, but professionally I write in bullet points (yuck).  This has been edifying and fun.  I learned just how much I like STUFF, and how I have weird tendencies, but at least now I know what they are and be on guard so I don't buy the same things over and over again.  And I will go in with my eyes wide open especially when I get sucked into the allure of certain luxury brands.

Why am I stopping?  Frankly, I've run out of stuff to say and stuff to show.  A few weeks ago, I posted my stash pictures and by now, I think I've posted about pretty much all of them.  I definitely don't want to bore you with pictures of my spoolie brushes.  :)  Unless you really want an in-depth brush post on what I use to brush my eyebrows.  Hee hee.

In order to sustain a blog like this is to be buying new things constantly.  Or at least be bringing in new things.  As you can tell, I'm too tiny to be awash in PR samples and don't want to spend even more money becoming even more of the consumer than I already am.  And believe me, I am a big consumer.  I also like to be profilic and post often and whew!  I just don't think I can spare that time in my life to do the blog justice.

I'm sure that other bloggers have mentioned how much work running a blog is.  Holy cow.  It really is a mountainous amount of work.  It gets in the way of my life, which doesn't always revolve around being on the computer to write draft posts, taking pictures each weekend morning while praying for bright sun, and spending time thinking about new things to write.  I loved it though, and sad it doesn't fit in my life with all of regular in-real-life life that needs the tending to and loving.
My favorite things (but not that dude on the right.  i don't know who that is)
I will leave myself an opening.  If I buy something lovely, I will come back and post.  If my life changes and gives me some more free time, I will be back.

I am now going back to my civilian life. Bloggers!  I look forward to enjoying your blog as your most loyal reader.  And my lovely readers, let's hang out on the internet and see each other on our favorite blogs, forums and on Twitter.
Happy days.  Enjoy some cake
Thank you.  Thank you for making this so fun.  Take care, and see you later.

Administrative notes:
1) Blog will be up for anyone wanting to read it
2) Sorry, turning on some moderation in the near future to the comments so it doesn't get overrun with spam.
3) Maybe there will be more blog sales?

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