What's in My Bag? Tag

Somebody just tagged me and now I have to clean out the inside of my bag!  I thought about showing you either the edited contents or showing you everything in it, so I decided to show you the whole thing.  I like reading other people's "What's in My Bag" posts because it's awesome and voyeuristic and I get a glimpse of someone else's life outside of her blog.  Unedited it is.

By the way, please allow me to introduce you to Sara BeauTime.  I follow her on Twitter where she posts incredible face of the days and also read her brand new blog, Color Me Loud.  (I'll wait a bit while you peruse her blog archive and follow her on twitter)  Her comparison nail polish posts are jaw-droppingly epic, too. 

Back to my unedited What Crap Is in My Bag, I mean, What's in My Bag:

I have a couple of beautiful bags, but have been carrying this one non stop since I purchased it last year.  I also hate changing bags because maybe I forget the house keys in some pocket, or miss something else when I change.  I love the soft warm grey and I think gold-toned hardware is refreshing and luxurious.

My bag is from a Korean brand called Goong.  Goong means palace in Korean.  They have a beautiful little boutique in the ancient neighborhood of Bukchon, which is home to numerous traditional Korean houses called hanoks.  Hanok style houses are a national treasure.
Hanok-style House in Bukchon
This was the neighborhood that palace officials lived in and is located near two major Korean palaces: Gyungbukgoong and Changdukgoong.

Here are some pictures I took at Changdukgoong last year.  Glorious cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Cherry Blossoms at Changduk Goong

Springtime at Changdukgoong
I don't have many pictures of Gyungbokgoong for some reason.  Here is a view of the big gate, Gwangwhamoon, which is an entrance to this palace.
 Palace guards doing palace guard things.
Bukchon is a lovely walking neighborhood that allows a glimpse of traditional aristocratic living (peek through the heavy wooden doors, being the voyeur that I am).  Modern consumer life is vibrant there as well and Goong is a lovely brand I found while walking through the streets.  (and tiny food stalls!  tteokboki, hotdogs, traditional meals!)
My bag is roomy and functional (with a zippered pocket and two small open pockets to hold cellphones and such). 

Roomy is good because look what's inside:
Wallet: in gloriously rich brown and crocodile. 
Sunglasses: aviator glasses (for when I'm feeling the need, the need for speed - Top Gun reference, anyone?) with polarized lenses.
Small zippered card/change case with nothing in it but an expired Metrocard.  Why do I even have this?  (Metrocard is our New York mass transit fare card)
Keys: car ones for my very new-to-me, but old in reality car.  House key + office key with loyalty/points card for the supermarket and children's shoe store.
Coffee card: do you even doubt I would have this?  We require constant IV drip of coffee.  Free coffee is even better.

A love note from my big girl: <3  With a Now & Later taped to it!
Prescription that has been unfilled: are you curious as to what this can possibly be?  I can't read the doctor's handwriting actually, but it's to cover and protect the inside of my mouth when I get my terrible canker sores.  I seem to get them periodically and they are unbearably painful.
Vinyl E-ZPass bag: E-ZPass is a highway toll tag which is mounted to the front window of the car.  Apparently even when you remove it and sit on it, you are still charged even if you don't want it to.  You stick it in this bag to "hide" it from the magical toll-booth-money rays.  I've had this in my purse for 3 months and keep forgetting to leave it in my glove compartment.

Beauty-Related Stuff:
  • Shu Uemura travel brush set.  I have been on the hunt for travel brushes for-EVER and purchased and purged many others (Ugh, Disgusting Chanel holiday travel brushes).  I bought this in airport duty free in Asia.  This is functional and decent quality, though I don't think as high quality as their regular ones.  Not bad though.

  • Makeup Bag: This is a gift with purchase one from Suqqu that I received in Japan. 
    • Mirror from Rouge Bunny Rouge - dual-sided (regular and magnified), lighweight and nice quality
    • Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens - I am a grease monkey come warmer weather
    • Shu Uemura 50H brush - this was released for one moment in the US before Shu pulled out of the US.  Grrr.  I purchased this in Asia.  I use for all manner of face powder application.
    • Shu Uemura Kolinsky travel lip brush - when I feel ambitious, I reapply my lipstick during the day.
    • Rouge Bunny Rouge concealer - for brightening and light concealing
    • Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Coral.  Super pigmented!  Feels nice and light on the lips.
    • Saline Nasal Gel - Yes gross to show, but sometimes my nose gets dry!
    • Suqqu Nuancing Pressed Powder in Natural - this is my traveling counterpart of the loose powder that was posted earlier.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    • The ever-growing lipstick pile.  As the week goes on, it grows until the weekend when I stow it back, only to start the cycle anew on Monday morning.
      (L) RBR Sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs; (R) Chantecaille Lip Chic in Amour
I may have thrown away 6 dozen napkins that was rolling around in the bottom of my bag.  I may have.  Aside from that, the bag is unedited for your viewing disgust.  I mean, your viewing pleasure.  Gah.  Is it any wonder my back is achy and that I threw out my back this past weekend?

Instead of tagging other bloggers, I'd LOVE to know what YOU have in your bag.  In the comments, tell us what you bag carry and what's inside.  If you have a blog please link in the comments if you do a "what's in your bag" post!  <33

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