Addiction Blush in Revenge & Addiction Cheek Stick in Revenge

Today I bring you Revenge of the Revenge!

As you recall, I made a really wee little purchase of the Addiction Basquiat eye shadow palettes and was very impressed overall.  That motivated me just a tiny bit more to purchase just a few more little things.  Among those recent splurges, is something I want to feature today: the Addiction Revenge Blush and Revenge Cheek Stick.

I am super grateful and fortunate that a lovely fellow blogger and friend Bernadette from Diabolous in Cosmetica had given me a gift of the Revenge Cheek Stick.  So now I have both to snuggle, cuddle and hoard... you know, for blog comparison purposes.

A slight detour to speak a little bit about the brand:
I'm not all that familiar with the brand and I am cultivating a new interest in the brand.  So far, the purchases I've made have been excellent.  A small brand introduction for those like me that are not so familiar with the brand.  The brand is also referred to as Addiction by Ayako and Kosé Addiction.  You may read or see it referred as such.  Kosé is the large Japanese cosmetics conglomerate that is also the big umbrella for several other brands.  I'm surprised to see Rimmel here in the brand pyramid.
Ayako is the New York-based makeup artist and is the creative director for the Addiction brand.  Her brand philosophy is influenced by minimalism and aims to bring out a woman's individual beauty.  You can read her official brand philosophy here.  I believe she has also worked at Nars, and you can see similar brand DNA in the packaging and brand aesthetics.

Ok, back to the blushes.  Though both colors are called Revenge, they are definitely not twins, neither in texture nor in color.

Color wise, cheek stick is warmer and more red and has more white in the base and is matte. The powder blush has a bright pinky tone in it.
Both for its form have excellent pigmentation.  The cheek stick is intensely colored in one swipe and blends easily with fingers or brush.  The powder blush is super fine.  While not Burberry's paradoxical how-is-it-creamy-when-its-a-powder texture, Addiction blush has a fantastic smoothness.

Cheek stick is also light in feel and glides on with its silicon formula.  It is also usable on the lips, but for me, I don't like multi-purpose items on the lips.  I find this slightly drying, too and needs a good base coat of rich balm and a topping of a gloss or more balm.  Also, the white in the base generally makes lip colors not so flattering on me, as does in the case of Revenge Cheek Stick.

The lasting power of both is excellent.  The cheek stick particular is very easy for swipe and go and forget it days.

Are you already a fan of Addiction?  Can you recommend me your favorite products and colors?

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