Addiction Eye Shadows in Fudge, Concrete Jungle, Flash Back and Safari Mode

I have Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love going through my head in an endless loop.  First of all, the 80's are awesome.  I mean, look at those Palmer women with those lips.  They are iconic.  And Robert Palmer.  No words, no words.

 People talk about the endorphin rush of love.  There is not enough talk about the addictive and endorphin qualities of makeup.  And Addiction makeup.  Aren't you so glad that I can pull the tender threads of a metaphor and knit them into a horrible paragraph about Addiction, Love and Robert Palmer?  This is why you come here, no?  Speaking of Addiction:

I bought a few Addiction things from Ichibankao awhile ago and got some eye shadow singles.  In doing some copious research on blogs that are the usual suspects, I found a few candidates worthy of my gnat-like attention.  Please say hello to Fudge, Concrete Jungle, Flash Back and Safari Mode.
Flash Back and Fudge have the ME texture, which is a richly pigmented and silky smooth shimmer.  It is some incredibly nice feeling eye shadows.  Safari Mode and Concrete Jungle are P textures which is a lovely satiny pearl.  Safari Mode and Concrete Jungle feel harder and less dense than the MEs, but still have great pigmentation.
I hope you enjoyed the music video and the swatches.  I will be doing some comparison posts for these shades and already posted the Grey Swatch Set the other day which includes Concrete Jungle.  I think Safari Mode is pretty unique to my collection, so I will not do any comparisons with that.  I don't own too many greens.  *ponders greens*

I'm new to Addiction eye shadow singles and happily exploring the brand.  What about you?  Any new brand discoveries you want to share and talk about?

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