Addiction Flash Back & a Taupe Swatch Set

Eeeeh.  Pretty pictures, sobering thoughts.  Never let me buy anymore taupe eye shadows again.

Shown below is my newest taupe, which is from Addiction.  This beauty is called Flash Back.  In the background are a small sampling of taupes I hoard.  I mean, I use with frequency and great enjoyment.  (*shakes head*)  I notice that when I'm starting to sample a new-to-me brand, I'm automatically drawn to the taupes and more than often, that's part of what I first buy.  Addiction Sugar Rusk, for example is a taupe smorsgasbord and among my first picks from the brand.  Basically, every eye shadow palette I choose has some taupe in it (hello, every Suqqu palette I own).

Flash Back is a gorgeous taupe, though.  If you are a taupe lover, or exploring the brand for excellent neutrals, Flash Back could be a nice choice of a single.  It sits squarely among the most complex taupes I own.  Silvery finish, a touch of brown, purple, grey and slight mauve pull.

It feels really nice, too.  Of the few Addiction singles I've purchased, the ME formula have some smooth and intense pigmentation.  It blends well and I had experienced no fall out.  I always wear my eye stuff over Nars Pro Prime primer and it wore like a rock, lasting through my long work day.  Okay, I hooked now.  I'm already compiling a list of the next eye shadows I'm looking to put into my collection.

Taupe-a-thon, anyone?  Sadly, this is not even all the taupes I own!  (missing many actually!  Sugar Rusk, the Burberry, Chantecaille, etc)
Seems to me that the taupe in Suqqu Keshizumi is the closest I have to Flash Back, but the Addiction Flash Back has a higher shimmer and more mauve in it.

Wow, looking at these swatches is truly sobering.  *slowly squeezing eyes shut, pretending arm does not exist*  So I had a funny moment when I was taking these pictures.  I took out the three Suqqu taupes from the free-form palette where I keep my Suqqu quads, took a bunch of photos and then I couldn't figure out which taupe belonged to which Suqqu quad.  I had such a moment of comical panic.  Then I had another sobering thought.  "It doesn't matter where it goes back.  They all look alike anyway."  I finally figured it out and put them back correctly.  *face palm* *head desk* *roll around, roll around*
I've already been eyeballing the new Chanel Fall single Gri Gri which look so pretty on Weekend Ramblings.  Somebody, please save me from my taupey arm!

Care to share your # of taupes?  Which one is your favorite?

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Revelation

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