Addiction Lipstick in Last Scene

I seem to have a bounty of new makeup that's I've recently purchased... with great thought and considerable deliberation.  Or, in a frenzy of aggle flabble gobble wobble BUY!  BUY!  BUY!  I had a really big list of wanted items from Addiction and I pretty much got it all.  I wonder what made me go insane this time.

Addiction is a brand I've been seeing on some of my favorite blogs in recent years but it didn't move me to buy until the Summer quads came out.  Why can't I just buy ONE thing?  Why MUST.  I.  BUY.  ALL.  TEH.  THINGS..?!?!  I'm scared to peep deep inside my consumption-driven heart (or Belly) and figure out the whys.  (supreme weakness, emotional need to buy, slightly depressed?)

I did buy one lone lipstick.  It is Last Scene which is noted with a C in the brand's site.  I guess that means it's creamy and without shimmer.  There is also an S and a P.  I guess P is pearl and S is sheer?  I think sheer.  The case is plastic and has the Addiction logo on it.  It's very minimalistic and simple looking.
 Surprising things that show up in the sunlight.  What I thought was an opaque black case is actually a translucent deep burgundy.

 It is a lovely warm red, the type of warm red that is easy for warm skin tones like mine to carry off.  It doesn't look garish or overpowering, just elegant.  This picture of the bullet looks rather like a dark pink, eh?

Below is a built up swatch in natural light.  As you can see, it has a fair bit of my skin coming through.  The color is not completely opaque at all; around the edges of this swatch you can really see slight rust tones peeping through.  The bullet is slightly hard with a little bit of waxiness.  It took a little bit of effort to warm up the bullet, but once warmed up, the swatching was easy.  More importantly on the lips, it is feather light.
 Another view in direct sunlight.  Pretty, yes?  This is the type of light that has the really shiny lipstick formulas reflecting white, but the shine on this one is very sedate.

I don't notice a scent in this one.  The pigmentation is not uber rich, so while it lasts reasonably longer than a sheer formula, I don't consider it very long wearing.
 Some comparisons to other red lipsticks (not my sheer reds, of which I own too many), the first set in direct natural light.  Last Scene is very low glow compared to the other three.  More in depth posts on Suqqu Creamy Glows here and on Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Silence here.
 This picture in indirect natural light.  The undertones really become apparent in this picture.  (warm, really warm, cold, kind of cold)
How about your favorite full coverage red?  I'd love to know what is your best red.

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