Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Fantastic

What better way to try out a cream blush than in the heat and humidity?  I spent a good part of the day outside and tried out my new purchase, Le Blush de Creme de Chanel in Fantastic.  Fantastic is among the three I purchased, coming home with Revelation and Presage. (swatches from the shop here)

Fantastic is visually arresting to me, with it's deep, dark and assertive berry tones.  I had to have it right away.  The wonderful ladies at the Chanel boutique told me this and Presage are limited editions, so it made it easy to spring for this one.
I was surprised seeing all the shimmer in the pan when I took these pictures.  I don't see the silvery shimmer in the swatches nor on my face.  I've been playing around with this as you can see.
The product has a very interesting dry but creamy feel in the pan.  I used fingers to swatch this and was amazed at how much pigmentation the product has.  It is definitely soft in texture enough to put a dent into it, and you can see from the finger print in the pan shot above.  There is quite a bit of silicon-rich slip to the product and it doesn't have the wet feel of some other cream type cheek products (Rouge Bunny Rouge blush stick or Bobbi Brown as an example).  There is no discernible stickiness either, just a very smooth schwoop as finger glides over the skin.  There is some similarity to the glide and feel of the Addiction cheek stick, but Addiction is a much harder product than the Chanel.

I was trying to see if this rich berry color was within my blush collection already.  I've pulled out some similar looking shades.
Tom Ford Narcissist is a powder product and is a limited edition blush from last year.  While similar in depth and insanely rich pigmentation, Narcissist is definitely more blue and fuchsia than Fantastic.  Rouge Bunny Rouge's Florita is lighter and more warm and reddened in color.

Don't be scared by the crazy pigmentation in Fantastic, it is easily sheered out with fingers or with a brush.
I put together a look with Fantastic along with some neutrals.  Speaking of easy to sheer out, it looks quite washed out and subtle in these pictures.  In real life, it's easy to wear sheerly or reach DEFCON CLOWN.  I used my fingers to pat on the color and then used a Sonia Kashuk flat-top brush to blend and sheer it out.  It looks rather glowing and natural.  (Other crap used: AmorePacific CC compact on face, Shu Uemura brow pencil in Seal Brown, Tom Ford Espresso eye liner, Fasio mascara in some really long name but something with curl and volume, Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow duo is A is minor Fis Major)

I asked at the counter if the cheek color would be appropriate on the lips and was told it would be terribly dry.  Of course, to be a contrarian I blotted some on. Drryyyyyyyy!  I don't recommend it.  As the cream texture transforms itself into a drier powder feel, your lips may feel like hell as mine did.

Anyway, I did experience some fading over the course of the hot humid day.  I didn't think it performed particularly long.  I also thought that though the creaminess of the initial application felt nice, it didn't really meld into my skin and kind of sat on the top of my skin a bit despite the good ol' blending with my Sonia Kashuk brush.
My goodness, is it Fall collection watch time already?!

What you thinky?

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Presage

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