Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Revelation

This is the third and final of the three new cream blushes I've purchased from Chanel.  This is the very wearable Revelation.  As is the usual for Chanel, it comes in a sleek black plastic case, which is smaller than the normal Joue Contraste blush cases.
 It is a bit of a chameleon color.  In the pan, in different lights you can see a warm coral emerging from the pink.  And in other lights, a more straightforward, but warm pink.
 If the shade offering of the limited edition colors Presage & Fantastic are too difficult to wear (too orange, too dark), then Revelation is certainly an easy to wear alternative.

The swatches below kind of blow my mind.  (have small mind.  Many things impress me!)  I can see that the unblended swatch on the left is distinctively pink, while the blended one on the right takes on a warm coral tone.  This shade seems to have a bit more sheerness and I think it's my naturally yellow skintone peeping through.
 One more picture in direct natural light.

The finish is matte, but not dry, as I mentioned before in the other posts.  The pigmentation in this is also very strong and easy to build up or keep sheer and natural.
Of the three I own, I find Revelation has the shortest wear time, fading away evenly and quickly in about 2 hours.  My skin tends to eat up cream-type blushes, so individual wear time will likely vary.  I suspect generally drier skin tones may have a more longer wearing experience than I did.

That said, the color is very pretty.   Having given all three blushes some good wear during the past few weeks, I'm likely going to pass up buying any more.

I'm wearing Revelation here, coordinated with the coral Rouge G Brilliant in Bianca on the lips.  Shiseido Ghost and Burberry Midnight Brown on eyes.  Again, nice pretty color, just not the performance I'm looking for.

Are you having more success than I am with the new Chanel cream blushes?  Which ones have you purchased or which ones are you looking to get?

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