Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel - Swatch Set - QUICK!

I was out and about today on an errand and got into my tiny little pea brain how nice it would be to see the new Chanel cream blushes in person.  I was thwarted at every turn: it was cold and raining and no store I went into had it available.  (By the way, Nordstrom has it in stock right now.)  I went to Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale's and Barneys and didn't see them.  I was planning on going down to Saks Fifth Avenue on the way home, but decided to post my lament on Twitter.  Lucky for me, beauty maven & blogger extraordinaire The Black Panties suggested the Chanel Boutique on 57th Street.  Score!!  (I cut off the picture at the top.  Hasty picture taking FAIL.)
They were missing Affinite (the bright pink) and so didn't get a chance to swatch those, but here are the swatches of the ones that were there.  Left to Right, corresponding to the pans from Bottom to Top.
L(Bottom) to R (Top):
Revelation, Fantastic, Inspiration, Presage, (I skipped swatching the duplicate pan of Presage, which I guess is the placeholder for the missing Affinite), and Destiny (the cut off pan pic).

Indoor shop lighting; Please ignore the lipstick on the right.  I can't remember the name of it.

Outdoor natural lighting (overcast)
I wasn't particulary moved by the other items, but these were very pretty and incredibly pigmented.  I purchased Revelation, Fantastic and Presage.  The lovely ladies at Chanel mentioned that Fantastique and Presage are limited edition items.  Their telephone number is 212-355-5050, if you'd like to order with them.  But Nordstrom does have it available as well.

Have you picked up anything from the new fall collection?  (Holy cow.  Did I say Fall?!)

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