Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba

Bird of Paradise is the Summer 2013 collection from Dior and of all the offerings, I was enamored (and enameled!) by the nail polish duo Samba.

Let me bring your attention to the Samba nail polish duo which comes in a set of two teeny mini bottles of coordinating creamy green and metallic green.  This is my first Dior nail polish purchase and I am pleased with the colors and and long-lasting performance.
from Dior.com
The creamy green has a slightly thick formula that is still pretty easy to work with and it is opaque in nearly one coat.  The metallic green has a tinge of blue but still much greener than Chanel's Azuré and without the duo chrome of the Chanel's summer nail polish.  The formula is thin and sheer and a bit prone to leaving uneven patches when overworked with a brush.  I used the cream color as a base and it greatly improved the evenness of the metallic shade.  These pictures are after 5 days of wear and apart from a small amount of tip wear, it is going strong.

What do you think of green nail polish and other non-traditional colors?  Would you only wear them on your toes?  Do you wear them any time, any place?

Samba is a nice touch of summery brightness.

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