Follow The Snow-woman via Other Ways

Google Reader will be sunsetting their reader.  Sunset means that service is being put out to pasture like a race horse past its prime.  Happy Trails, little guy.

That doesn't mean you don't get to read your favorite blogs and there are multiple ways to use similar services.

Bloglovin is a good reader with very easy user interface and big pictures! Follow Wondegondigo.

Twitter is the micro-blogging site where I always link my new posts as well as blather on incessantly about other things.  Follow Wondegondigo on Twitter.  Why not see how much silliness I can cram into 140 characters?

You can also follow me via email.   You can subscribe by clicking below.
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TheOldReader is another service available and like Bloglovin, you can easily import in your subscriptions.

Bye bye, Google Reader.

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