Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas 201

I'm looking for a lip-loving and well pigmented lipstick formula.  Did I find one in the new Givenchy Le Rouge? 

I've noticed that on my lips, which are generally low maintenance and not prone to dryness on their own seem particularly high maintenance in terms of lipsticks that are high pigment.  I can't tell if it's a particular ingredient or the actual pigmentation level itself, but many lipsticks seem to suck all the moisture out of my lips.  Shriveled prune lips: I rock it.  Recently, I've been preferring easy-to-wear and easy-on-prune-lips, sheer lipsticks... because that's WHY.
Le Mrrrreow-wow.  Le MEW!
Meanwhile, ooh, sexy leather case.  And metal.  All S&M.  Me like.
I recently got a tube of Rose Taffetas, which is described on Sephora as a Light Coral.
I guess it has some coral tones, but to me it is a bright warm pink.  In the swatches I hope you can see how incredibly pigmented these are.  This is a one-swipe swatch and there was no need to build up for you to fully appreciate the color.
It has a satiny and slightly matte finish on my arm (and lips!) without an unflattering super dry look.
My deep thoughts on the color:
So pretty on my arm!  So NOT pretty on my face.  I recently posted a look with this on my Shiseido Pink Sands post.  While truly a pretty color, there is too much white in the base and opaque pigment. Makes me feel like my lips have detached and been painted on my face.  Sounds like a weird statement, but I have a lot of pigmentation (cool and mauve and dark) on my bare lips and these whitened colors stand out very starkly on my lips.  While the color itself kind of "goes" with the rest of my face, it feels uncomfortably painted on my lips.  For my taste... I mean.  I don't know.  Looks...weird.  This looks exactly weird in the way that Burberry Primrose Hill Pink looks on me.

Speaking of not weird and just so beautiful, have you seen Driveller Kate and her post on this color?  It looks exquisite on her cooler coloring and just so flattering.  *plans face transplant*

My deep thoughts on the formula:
Yieee.  As my experience with so many other high pigmentation lipsticks, this also did my lips no favors.  (WHY PRETTY COLOR, WHY YOU DO THAT TO ME?!)  It felt incredible going on my lips.  It is so feather-light, with a bit of easy slip and that lovely pigmentation.  It has a lovely softly matte finish and a very light scent.  It dried my lips over the hours of wear.  One nice thing is that it lasted well into the day from my early morning application and faded evenly.

I won't be running out to buy another color in the near future.  Have you tried the new Le Rouges from Givenchy?

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