Grey Eye Shadows - Swatch Set

I recently purchased an eye shadow from Addiction, a grey one called Concrete Jungle.  I also recently featured Shiseido Ghost on the blog.  Shall we lay them out together and see how they compare?  Let's also throw in a few Suqqu shades and Rouge Bunny Rouge and see how they all pan out.  Here are the medium and light grey toned shades I have in my collection:
Suqqu grey from the Ginbudou eye shadow quad
Suqqu grey from the Keshizumi eye shadow quad
Shiseido Ghost
Addiction Concrete Jungle
Rouge Bunny Rouge loose pigment in Night Wind Sailing
Rouge Bunny Rouge matt eye shadow in Grey Go Away Lourie

The texture and finish of each of these shadows help each color differentiate one from another.  Depth and undertones also varies.
 Each of the Suqqus aren't really exceptionally unique shades in and of themselves, but within the context of their respective quads, they are pretty fabulous.  They are seriously smooth, with a slightly drier feel, but lasts and lasts and lasts.  Ginbudou's grey leans warm and charcoal.  Keshizumi's grey is light and silvery.

Ghost and Concrete Jungle look to be close relatives, don't they?  Texture wise they could not be more different; Shiseido has its patently uber-softness and airy pigmentation while Concrete Jungle seems a bit more packed tightly.  It also has a bit of a drier feel to me.  They swatch similarly here, but on my eyes, Ghost is lighter with a more shimmery finish, while Concrete Jungle is satiny with very sparse shimmer.  Ghost also has a hint of pale lavender.

The full on glitter of Night Wind Sailing is kind of in your face.  *shimmer shimmer POW!*  Despite its glitter, it applies smoothly with very little fall out and lasts very well on my lids (with my normal Nars primer).  Rouge Bunny Rouge's matte eye shadows have some of my favorite matte formulations, and Grey Go Away Lourie is no exception, being smoothly pigmented and creamy in feel.

One more shot?
With the Shiseido Ghost and Addiction Concrete Jungle being my newer additions, I am loving the crap out of greys these days.  What are some of your favorite grey eye shadows?

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