Guerlain Blush G Sakura - Cherry Blossom Blush

**Marketing Sample**
Why do brands release a collection and make it nearly impossible to get a hold of them?  Guerlain released the Blanc de Perle collection earlier this year and then made it exclusively for Asia.  There was a-wailing and a-rending of undergarments.

Then there were tantalizing sightings across the pond (that's the UK) on Nicole's blog Swatcharama.  I don't travel for business anymore, so I admired from afar (with a-wailing and a-rending of the undergarments) and accepted that I would never get my paws on this blush.  So, when Izzy's Beauty Shoppe approached me and offered me an opportunity to try a product from their site and I saw this... my brain fell out of my head with excitement. Here I am to present you THIS:

As I am generally deeply motivated by exclusivity and beautiful looking things, I say Blush G Sakura has it all going on.  The shiny white case is less of a finger-print magnet than a black or metal-finish case.  Also is has a soft dove-grey velveteen pouch that is lined in bright pink sateen.

The blush tier lifts up to reveal a brush with pink bristles.  The brush is kind of scratchy, but it looks nice.  Maybe I would use it when I'm out, but this wouldn't be my normal brush to use with this product.  And that Guerlain scent of violets - I love it!
Hello, Useless & Scratchy; You sure are pretty
Nice package; how are the insides?
The blush has four distinct stripes of color (in the same format as the other impossible to find exclusive from Guerlain from yon the Series G Noire blush).  It has a pale peach with a golden duo chrome sheen, a thin strip of bright sparkly white, a deep cool raspberry pink and then finally, a lighter bright pink with silver shimmer.

This thing is tough to swatch!  Here are the results of my swatching session.  I tried to swatch the individual colors for your separately and then blended together.  I had to press rather roughly with my finger to get the swatches you see below.  The white was a little bit sullied by the pink and peach, since I've been wearing this blush all week long.
Top to bottom order

I was a bit disappointed and convinced that this swatching difficulty would inevitably mean poor pigmentation and general sadness on the face.  Hence, I was totally surprised to see the color pick up easily on my brush.  I'm using my Tom Ford cream foundation brush here.  As you recall, this is a white goat hair brush.  Look:
I do love the flexibility of customizing the color among the different shades to bring out the pink tones or the peach ones.  Going out to work, I accidentally made one cheek peach and the other cheek pink.  No one said anything though!  Here is the blended swatch:
I am also particularly enamored with the peach color.  It reminds me of Nars Orgasm, which I do not own, but I imagine it's something like this?  In this instance, the gold is very fine and not chunky on the skin nor in the swatch.
If you are outside of Asia, you can purchase this item at Izzy's Beauty Shoppe here.  (This is a non-affiliate link as are all links on the blog.  You can read my policy here.)  Izzy's is a California based e-tailer that specializes in limited edition, hard to find (like the Sakura Blush!), and discontinued cosmetics.  You can check them out on their website.

I thought I'd share some looks with this blush and how it shows up on the skin.  There is a fair amount of shimmer that you see in the swatches.  I discern more of a sheen rather than chunky glitter on the cheeks.  If you prefer more of a matte to satin finish though, this may not be the best product for you.  You can also see how the blush shows up on a more deeper toned skin on So Lonely in Gorgeous on beautiful Liz.

1) Addiction Sugar Rusk palette.  Tom Ford Espresso eye liner.  Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara.  Shu Uemura hard pencil in Seal Brown.
Guerlain Blush G Sakura on cheeks, Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shine in A la Parisienne.
Trying out the Addiction Dewy Glow foundation in Biscuit which is a bit dark and cool for me.
2) Addiction Concrete Jungle eye shadow, Burberry Midnight Brown eye shadow.  Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara.  Suqqu eye brow pen in Moss Green.
Same Guerlain blush here.  Nothing on lips.
Chantecaille Future Skin foundation, Ellis Faas concealer.

So what impossible to find items and collections are stirring you up?  Were you lucky enough to get a hold of Guerlain's Blanc de Perle collection?  Do you want to reminisce about the now long-gone Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire?
disclosure:  This product was provided free of charge by PR/Marketing for consideration.  I strive to give my full and honest opinion regardless of how I've obtained a product.  If you want some more information on my policy, please check out my general disclosure statement.

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