Highlighters & Complexion Brighteners - Swatch Set

Sometimes, I admit, a little bit of faking is not a bad thing.  Be it bronzers to pretend I don't inhabit a bat cave of an office, or extra blush to look a little orgasmic (giggle!), a little bit of brightness to the skin implies that I've a radiant skin.  I admit, sometimes I need a little help.

Well, I need a LOT of help in life, but the kind of help I mean is the kind to fake that radiant skin.  Here are my faker helpers.  There is also the illuminate portion of the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette, but I find it to be a near dupe to the RMS Living Luminizer (pictured below in the white round pot).
 I have a variety of magical liquids, creams, a powder and et cetera.

  • Guerlain Cruel Gardenia.  Magical Limited Edition glorious prettiness. 
  • RMS Living Luminizer.  A pearly white cream that is slightly tacky in texture.  If you want to look like Gisele Bundchen, well, now you know.  Doesn't last very well on my skin.  It's quite emollient and my skin just sucks it up.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Tranquility.  A liquid of impossibly fine shimmer that is cooly pale pink.  Both this and Sea of Showers mix beautifully into foundations.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Showers.  Beautiful golden and again with a fine shimmer
  • Omorovicza Complexion Brightener.  I think this is discontinued and replaced by the Complexion Corrector.  A multi-purpose gem, that works under your foundation or mixed into it.  Or to highlight specific points.  I try to use small amounts when I do.  The SPF in this product takes on a very chalky look when I overindulge.
In terms of application method (when not mixed into foundation), I'm a huge fan of fingers.  Ha!  I am a huge fan of fingers!  I find I can barely function withOUT fingers.  Ha!  (Mr. Belly would like to know what I am giggling about)  *ahem*  In all seriousness, I dot the product and blend with my fingers.  There's enough control and I can blend well.  

For Cruel Gardenia, I've been using a brush from Hakuhodo, the J5521.
 It's dense for excellent blending, but has a pointed end that allows me to be precise with placement.
Where do I apply to fake glowing skin?  For me I like the tops of my cheekbones taking care of avoid the front of my cheeks where I have more prominent pores.  Overdoing the application would likely highlight my crater-like pores.  I also like to apply to the bridge of my nose and perhaps on the cupid bow of my lips and on my brow bone.  When I am dressed to kill, you know, when I go out on the town, I can apply to my collar bones and on the tops of my shoulders.  Oh who am I kidding?  I'm normally in my ratty sweatpants eating Doritos.  But if I WERE going out, that's where I would put it.

Some pictures?
 In the direct natural light so that YOU. CAN. SEE. TEH. SHIMMER.  SHIMMER  SHIMMER!  I've applied more than you would possibly want to apply on your face at one time.  Unless you kind of like it.  A teeny tiny dot of the RBR liquid goes a long way.
And some pictures of a well-loved Cruel Gardenia.  I LOBE IT SO!
When I ran into this beauty in a random duty free shop months after it was sold out everywhere, I may have wept with happiness.  Ok, maybe I didn't, but I was pretty happy.
Are you a faker, too?  What are you fakery secrets?

Oh, so I'm planning a giveaway.  I hope you are close to guessing what I have planned up my pantaloons.

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