Summer Days are Here! - Giveaway to come

I got tired of swatching Fall (?!!?!) Chanel cream blushes and wanted to dwell on the new summer!  The season, not the products!  It has been a spectacular day yesterday and today and I am grateful and savoring it.

Yesterday, I had a rare evening in Manhattan with my family (as opposed to rushing back home after work).  We have a friend visiting us from Korea and we spent some time strolling and enjoying the sights and sounds.
Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village
This morning, I spend a few minutes in my backyard swatching, but got totally distracted by all the birds devouring the now ripe cherries from the enormous cherry tree.  In the span of a minute, I observed a catbird, several blue jays, a robin, a chipmunk, and a deer.
Unfortunate for me, the branches are super high and I can only stare and salivate at the pretty cherries.  (I admit I may have eaten a few that had dropped on the ground.  :/)
So far.
Northern hemisphere friends, how are you enjoying the start to glorious summer?  Winter-bound friends, how are you preparing for cold days?

I have a totally amazing giveaway planned.  I dropped a hint on Twitter the other day.  It's going to be a Cruel (very very Cruel) giveaway.  Can you guess what it can be?  ;-)

Addiction Lipstick in Last Scene

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Presage