Addiction Eye Shadow in Fudge

I really really do love some richly pigmented browns.  It's the easiest way to put on a polished face.  And for me, there are so many ways to go simple or smoky or complex.  I have a few lovely browns.  I thought Addiction Fudge might look to be an excellent fit among my browns and it sure does.
In taking the above pictures, I also think I probably should have compared to two of my Burberry eye shadow singles in Mulberry & Midnight Brown, but was looking at my palettes and not my singles.  Midnight Brown is more brown and less golden than Fudge, and the two Suqqus.  I think Mulberry is more purply than Bejewelled Skylark.  (my depotted things also get more use than singles.  Even Burberry singles)
Here's how Fudge stacks up against my other well-loved browns.  I think Addiction's ME formula and some of my Rouge Bunny Rouge have similar feels in the formula.  Both Fudge and Bejwelled Skylark feel smooth and are both strongly pigmented.  Suqqu has a lighter formula and look once applied on the eyes.
This indirect light picture shows the tonal differences in these four shades well.  Fudge is a nicely balanced brown that does not veer too red or green and has a beautiful golden sheen that lends it a good shot of warmth.  Both this and Flash Back are some of the nicest eye shadow formulas I've tried, experiencing no noticeable fall out and excellent blendability.
This is a fantastic basic color and Frudge has made a permanent home in the Belly pile.

Fudge fans?  Both chocolate and eye shadow kind?  All addictive!

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