By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon

These By Terry Ombre Blackstars are tenacious little suckers even on my oily lids.  I mentioned how my Misty Rock performed against Chanel Moon River in this post.  I also detailed Misty Rock a while ago here.  This is a pretty handy product for those needing an easy-to-apply color that lasts (and lasts and lasts and lasts).

I picked up Bronze Moon which is exactly the type of warm color that is more in my comfort zone than Misty Rock.

Bronze Moon is a deep brown with a tonal golden shimmer.
It does not lean red though, which is great for me.  I normally find red toned shades challenging to wear.  In the indirect natural light here.  The rounded crayon tip is a great swipe, smear and blend apparatus.  It's not terribly precise though, especially if you want to use multiple shades to do a more complex look, or to apply on the lower lash line.
In this picture below, I put up a comparison to Misty Rock.  Misty Rock is cooler in comparison and with a more intense multi-colored shimmer than the more sedate Bronze Moon.  On my skin, the warmer and more golden Bronze Moon is more complimentary and is more of a personal comfort fit.  However, both are beautiful in both color and shimmer.  They are so easy to wear intensely or sheered out.  They can be sheered out even more so than what I've shown below and makes a great single wash shade for your lids.  The complexity of Misty Rock though is verrrrry pretty indeed.
These make indestructible base for powder shadows as well.  However, I love how Bronze Moon makes the lazy but "done" eye look practically a one product look.  Add a liner and mascara, even better.

Fabulous pigmentation, smoothest of the smooth texture, beautiful shimmer and easy blendability.  Did I mention the lasting power of By Terry Ombre Blackstars?  It's made for lazybones like me.  Love it.

What's your favorite crayon-type eye shadows?  Have you tried the By Terry ones yet?

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